Spring Is Coming – Is Your Roof Ready?

We all look forward to the weather getting warmer. It’s a fact so obvious it barely needs to be stated; after an Alberta winter, especially one as harsh as the one we’ve just been through, it’s always an amazing feeling to watch the sun come out more and more, to see the snow slowly starting to melt, to know that summer’s coming around the corner. Soon, we’ll be free to walk around without layers on, just being able to enjoy the beauty and freedom that comes with the warmer weather.

 But before you get too excited, it’s also important to remember that spring can bring volatile weather conditions, and the period of transition between seasons in Calgary can sometimes be hard on homes, especially roofs – the parts that are most exposed and vulnerable to the elements. Unexpected roof damage or even collapse can make your life extremely difficult – taking the fun out of summer and replacing it with irritating repairs and unexpected renovations. Your roof is supposed to be able to protect you from the full force of any kind of weather, and keep your family and your possessions safe from damage or harm. So what better time than spring – as the snow is easing off, before the summer’s (sometimes equally extreme) weather sets in, in preparation for any changes in your home’s structure the shift in weather and humidity might bring about – to take a look at your roof and see if there’s anything about it that needs updating? It’s worth it to hire a professional who understands the unique challenges a Calgary winter can pose to your roof. We’ve seen a few of these winters come and go, and we can guarantee that taking this one simple step now will save you headaches and stress down the line.

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A lot of the trauma and damage that can happen to your roof comes as a result of temperature changes. There are different ways in which winter and spring weather can damage your roof’s surface if the roof has been improperly installed or if it has simply been worn away over time, as many homes can be. For example, if a part of your attic is improperly insulated, the condensation that forms when your home’s warm interior air meets the cold surface of your roof can cause mould and mildew to form and eventually spread. Another problem can be caused by a simple scientific fact you probably remember from elementary school – when water freezes, it expands. This is a straightforward principle, but one that can cause an unprecedented number of headaches when it comes to your roof. If snow melts on the peak of your roof (which often happens, even in cold temperatures), and then falls down the side of the roof, it will often freeze on its way back down, falling into any holes and cracks that might be hiding in your roofing and expanding inside of them, causing these cracks and holes to worsen dramatically and eventually causing major structural damage. When ice gets trapped under the shingles of your roof this way, it’s called an “ice dam” – while these are often unavoidable, they will be worse if a roof is not well-maintained, or if a winter is particularly harsh, and dealing with the problem before the summertime can save you a world of stress and worry.

 At Done Right Roofing, we’re intimately familiar with all the problems winter can cause, as well as the fact that the cycle of freezing and thawing that characterizes a Calgary spring can be extremely trying for your roof. We can help you and your roof weather the springtime – having it taken care of today means you’ll be able to spend your summer relaxing, not worrying about home improvements. Contact us today, and let us take care of your roof for you.

Upgrade Your Home’s Style And Quality With A New Roof!

When most of us think about the form and function of rooftops, chances are the first things that come to mind are practical. We all know the saying about having a roof over our heads – a good roof stands for functionality, safety, protection. This is the part of our house that works hardest to keep us, our home and our possessions safe from the elements. On the other hand, when it comes to your home’s aesthetic – the way it’s decorated and decked out – you’re probably a lot more inclined to think about the inside of your house instead. When we think about the ways we could renovate or alter our homes to make them more beautiful, more appealing, more state-of-the-art, chances are that a roof revamp is not necessarily high up on the list of things to renovate. You could change the paint colour in your living room, replace the bathtub, get some new lighting for your kitchen, but the roof… why should you think about making any changes to it?

 Well, the truth is that there are plenty of reasons to think about your roof – what it’s made of, how it looks, and how it fits in with the rest of your home – that might not have occurred to you, but that can actually make as big a difference to your home as an indoor renovation.

 Now, you may be thinking that the only way to do this is to get a roof that looks or feels different from the ones you see around you in your neighborhood. Chances are you’ve seen some different kinds of “novelty” rooftops around the internet – like the “green” rooftop gardens that can flourish in warmer year-round climates…

Green Roof Pic

… or shapes and sizes that might not be so common in your neighbourhood.

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But that’s not exactly what we mean when we talk about a rooftop that can change your home for the better. At Done Right Roofing, we’re interested in being really, really good at a couple different kinds of roofing, instead of doing a mediocre job of installing a bunch of different kinds of rooftops that may or may not actually be good for your home. We’re interested in helping you to get the best possible coverage for your house by installing the kind of roof that can protect your home and stand up to all the different kinds of weather Alberta’s climate might choose to throw at it.

The two types of roofs we install are asphalt and rubber. Asphalt roofing is an amazingly diverse material, and comes in all kinds of colours and textures, meaning you get to pick out a design and a shingle type that best suits the look and feel of your home. The roof of your home can make a huge difference when it comes your house’s curb appeal, not to mention the way it suits your tastes and preferences – you can use a colour like red to make your house look a little more fun from the outside, or play around with shades and textures for a unique look. Asphalt roofing is also one of the best ways to protect your home from rain, snow and high winds, and the tiles are fire-resistant. Oh, and did we mention it’s completely affordable?

The other kind of roofing we love to install is rubber. The way a rubber roof is installed is similar to asphalt, and just like the asphalt surfaces, there are plenty of colours for you to choose from. The other major advantage of rubber roofing is the way it repels harsher weather conditions and elements. The durability of this material can’t be beat, and heavier conditions like hair or harsh rain just bounce right off!

Next time you’re thinking about renovating your home, whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or just because you want to make it a better, more comfortable place to live, consider including a new roof in your plans. Not only can it update the look of your place – a brand new roof can protect you, your home, and everything inside of it for years and years to come. 

3 Reasons to Choose Rubber Roofing over Traditional Roofing

If you are thinking about replacing your current roof, you may be exploring the options you have.  Through your searching you may have discovered that rubber roofing is a very beneficial alternative to stand concrete or shingle roofing.  At Done Right Roofing we know that you have many options, so we wanted to share with you the benefits of using rubber roofing over traditional asphalt.

If you are looking to reduce your footprint and become more “green” then rubber roofing make the perfect solution for you.  Many of the materials that are used to create the rubber that is used in the roofing material is made up of recycled rubber materials such as old tires, meaning it takes less raw material to create these roofs.  In addition to how they are made, they are also “green” in their energy conservation.  Rubber roofs a can act as a good insulator, keeping buildings cold in the summer and warm in the winter more effectively.

Because you are able to use energy more efficiently, you can expect to pay less on your utility bills.  And speaking of bills that you have to pay, rubber roofing has much lower maintenance costs that asphalt roofing.  Extreme weather can damage asphalt roofing and lead cracks, leaks and holes which can end up costing you a lot of money!  Rubber roofing is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and climates so once you install it you shouldn’t have to worry about additional costs.

Standard roofing shingles can last anywhere from 10-20 years if they are not put through weather that is too extreme.  On the other hand a well-installed rubber roof can last up to 50 years before it needs to be replaced.  Many people get hung up on the fact that rubber roofing can be a little bit more expensive compared to shingle roofing, but when you take the time to compare their cost over time, rubber roofing actually proves to be the better value.

One important thing that you should keep in mind about rubber roofing is that while it is a great option, it is not a one size fits all solution.   If you have a roof that has too much slope to it or is not relatively flat, installation of rubber roofing may not work.  That being said there are options that can work on sloped roofs, but those have to be handled on a case-to-case basis.  The best way to find out if rubber roofing will work for your situation is to give us a call!

Since 2003 we have been offering quality roofing with a focus on service!  We believe that no one can be good at everything, that’s why we make sure we are experts at one thing, roofing!  We have a diverse team of owners and roofing experts that can make sure you get the optimal level of service and quality. If you would like more information or need help don’t hesitate to reach out to us online or by phone.

Do I Need A Rush Roofing Repair?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home.  It helps keep your home in good condition, in keeps the weather out, and it can even affect the value of your home.  So when a problem arises it can be very stressful.   We know that you want to get any problem that may come up taken care of as soon as possible, but we also understand that rush roofing can be a little more expensive that a standard roofing installation or repair.  In order to help ease your mind and give you all the facts you need, we would like to discus times when you may need to have a rush roofing job.

First and foremost you should understand that just because a leak has penetrated your home doesn’t mean that you still have time to deal with the leak because the damage has already been done.  If you find that you have a leak that is visible from the inside of your home – you need to get a rush-roofing repair done as soon as possible.  There is a misconception that once a leak makes it to your home you have time to deal with the problem because the leak has already penetrated the roof.  While it’s true that there will be some damage, waiting any longer can result in the spread of water damage even further into the home, costing you even more.

In Calgary – especially this winter – we can see some pretty extreme weather.  In recent weeks we have seen extreme cold and high winds.  When the weather gets extreme we can see shingles that begin to crack, tear, even be ripped of roofs!  If you find that your roof is becoming damaged from extreme climate, contact a roofer right away.  It’s important to note that depending on the amount of damage you may or may not to need a rush repair, but it’s better to have someone come take a look than to leave your home exposed to the elements.

When you are under a lot of stress financially it can be easy to choose a cheap roofing company so that you can get the job done and over with. That being said if you have chosen a roofing company that isn’t quite up to stuff you could end up paying for it later.  A rush roof repair may be necessary if you have recently had another roofing company come in to repair your roofing but you are noticing red flags.  Red flags you may see include leaking, inconsistent shingle appearance, or even shingles falling off the roof!  If you are seeing any of the problems, get a professional to your home to be sure that the current damage can be contained and more damage can be avoided.

If you think that you may need a rush roofing repair or just aren’t sure if you need a repair, feel free to give Done Right Roofing a call.  We have professional roofing installers that can work with you to determine what is best for both your home and your wallet!  We look forward to speaking with you.