How To Ensure Your Roof Makes It Through The Winter

Though the snowfall for December, 2013 has set a new record in Calgary, snow weight is not the main roof repair concern for homeowners in the area. When it comes to weather, it is extremely low temperatures and violent storms like the hailstorm of 1991, which bring the greatest worry. In that particular storm, six- centimetre hailstones fell and caused nearly $400 million in insured residential and commercial building damage, with much of this damage done to roofs. (2)

Every homeowner wants to make sure that their roof successfully makes it through each winter. The best way to do this is hiring an experienced roofing contractor from our team here at Done Right Roofing. Our roof contractors will not only survey the present condition of a house’s roof, but will execute repairs and educate the homeowner on roof damage prevention and spotting. After all, everyone deserves a roof that will protect their home and last for decades. Not everyone has the knowledge and skill to maintain a roof themselves, so the best roof protection comes from hiring the right roofer.

Several years ago, the residents of a nursing home in Calgary were put under unreasonable danger by an inexperienced roofing contractor. Without testing the roof’s floor, they propped a pallet of materials weighing nearly 1.5 tons on the roof of that nursing home. The roof cracked and the pallet fell into the main dining room of the facility. Fortunately, the staff was alerted to the condition and transported all the residents to a safe location. A small bit of contractor negligence not only endangered people’s lives, but cost the facility much more in damages than it had budgeted. The contractor crew was also fined the maximum penalty for the incident. This is a great example of how non-caring roof contractors can limit the life of a roof.  (1)

Of course, the previous example is rare. Contractor work on roofs however, is not. From the replacement of rotten roof floor panels and worn-out flashing, to proper shingle installation, solar panel sealing and clearing leaf guards on gutters, a thorough contractor is the best way to ensure a long-lasting roof. Homeowners rarely spot roof structural problems unless there is damage to the interior of the home. When this type of damage is noticeable, it is likely that major repairs are needed to the roof. Our experienced professionals have the equipment, liability bonding and knowledge of Alberta building codes to restore a roof after extensive damage from water and ice has happened.

The best roofing contractor will also save the homeowner heartache and expense. Most people do not realize that if roofing materials are installed improperly, they are exempt from warranties should damage occur. It is up to the homeowner to find a contractor who can install materials according to manufacturer guidelines, educate the roof’s owner about ways to prevent future damage, and complete roof repair without an accident like the one at the nursing home described above. Minor to major, the contractor is the best way to ensure that a roof lasts through the winter. For the best and most reliable roof repairs and installations, give us a call today and let our expert team at Done Right Roofing provide you with the services your roof needs to safely make it through the winter.



Calgary Roofing Company Celebrates An Awesome Year!

Calgary Roofing Company Celebrates

Last Saturday Done Right Roofing celebrated its most successful year ever at the annual Christmas party.  It’s not easy for any Calgary roofing company to last for long for ALOT of reasons related to a boom economy.  In 2013 Done Right Roofing celebrates 10 years in the roofing business and 8 years of incorporation.

There are many factors that have led Done Right Roofing to the top of the Calgary roofing company list, but these are the most important:

  1. A great Calgary roofing company needs great leadership!  In 2013 Done Right Roofing merged with Grandview Roofing and Siding to add the 30 years roofing experience and leadership of Allen Fellows to its winning team.  Allen works closely with Project Manager Chase Taylor to maintain no warranty calls, very little staff turn over, and quality installations.  Thanks Allen and Chase!
  2. A great Calgary roofing company needs great roofers!  Because of the boom economy and the high wages on the rigs, turn over in roofing is a BIG problem.  In 2013 Done Right Roofing was able to train and keep all of the best Calgary roofers it hired with a combination of great leadership and awesome wages.  Thanks guys for all of your hard work!
  3. A great Calgary roofing company needs great management!  Stephanie Morrison also joined the Done Right Roofing ownership this year as the Business manager.   Stephanie works closely with Sales Manager Darcy Bicuum to provide amazing customer service from estimate to completion.  Thanks Stephanie and Darcy!

The Done Right Roofing Christmas party at Shanks was a wonderful celebration of all of these elements coming together and working seamlessly to result in Done Right Roofing being one of the best roofing companies in Calgary.

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5 Tips To Help Extend The Life Of Your Roof

The roof is an important part of any home and our team of roofing experts at Done Right Roofing knows just how important this structure is. This part of the house keeps you and your family protected from extreme weather conditions. Seeing as this is such an important task, the roof requires proper maintenance to ensure that it can protect your home for an extended period of time. While the quality of the roof is a good indicator of how the roof can withstand extreme weather conditions, proper maintenance and roof repair can ensure that the roof will be able to serve its purpose for an extended period of time.

It is important to have regular inspections of the roof. This way, you can check for any signs of damages like warping, missing shingles or discolouration. If you do not have any idea how this is performed, it is best to seek help from a professional roofing contractor. At Done Right Roofing, we can do the inspection and can even provide you with suggestions on how damages can be corrected.

Another important thing to do so the roof life can be extended is to clean out moss and mold. Moss and mold growing on the roof can cause considerable damages. Moreover, this can also cause the roof to rot. At Done Right Roofing, we know the right methods and cleaning solutions to clean out moss and mold from your roof. Cleaning gutters and downspouts is another way to extend the life of your roof. Cleaning this part of the roofing system will ensure that there will be no damages caused by poor drainage. Clogged gutters can be caused by the accumulation of twigs and leaves on the gutters. Which should be regular removed or flushed out.

Another way to maintain your roof would be to fix the flashing and the sealants on the roof.  We know how important roof repair is in extending the life of your roof. The flashing of the roof is the strip of metal that connects the skylight and the roof. Strong winds can rip the flashing and make it loose. Eventually, this can cause water leakage and extensive damage to the property; thus it is important to hire a reliable roofing contractor to check the seals and flashings and have them fixed right away should it be required. It is also important to clean fascias on the roof. This is the spot where animals love to nest. You can hire a roofing contractor to check the fascia of the roof and remove any debris found in these tight spots. We, at Done Right Roofing, have the best team for this job.

These maintenance tips that can help extend the life of your roof should only be undertaken with the help of a professional. By hiring our roofing experts here at Done Right Roofing, you can be assured that the tasks are performed correctly. Call us today or visit us online to learn more about what we can do for you!

The Importance Of Your Roof Repairs For The Long Run

Most homeowners focus on the interiors when deciding to redecorate or upgrade their property. We like to see change and keep up with the times, and more often than not, cosmetic changes take place before structural repairs. This is one of the reasons why many homeowners neglect their roof, or remain unaware of the issues rights over their head. This unfortunately becomes a serious problem when left unattended over time. Checking your roof regularly for damages and repairing the identified problems are imperative for a safe living environment, and here at Done Right Roofing we have years of experience keeping Calgary homeowners worry-free.

The key thing to remember is that your roof has to endure a great deal of stress including snowstorms, strong winds, rainfall, pests, and so forth. Lack of human intervention will lead to continuous degradation of the roof until it eventually breaks down and problems occur. Signs that your roof may need repair includes large crevices and holes surrounding the surface, missing shingles, creaking sounds coming from the roof, and exposed parts that shouldn’t be. All it takes is a single leak to go unnoticed for a few months before major repairs are needed, and major repairs are something every homeowner wants to avoid.

Your roofing system serves as the primary protection for your family and property, and without such structure covering you, the harsh elements of Mother Nature can inflict major damage to your home. While cosmetically your home and roof system may appear flawless, roof problems can be serious and trigger plumbing or electrical problems without being noticed. Roofing repairs prevent life-threatening consequences that would otherwise become reality if the homeowner were irresponsible in handling the matter. For more information on a roofing system check out:

While it would take years of neglect to allow your roof to completely fail on you, it’s taking care of the little things that matter most. Choosing not to repair your roof is also a lot more costly in the long run. You stand to pay more for a demanding project that requires more labor force, time, and skill than to pay for minor repairs when required. A leaking roof can cause damage to interior finished, and in worse case scenarios mold and it’s dangerous side affects can occur.

Roof repairs preserve the value of your asset and make it look more appealing. Not only does this benefit homeowners who are planning to resell their property, it also awards some bragging rights to homeowners with their neighbors and guests. For those who do plan on selling the property, you will have an easier time doing so if the exterior of the house is well maintained and looking brand new.

These are some of the major reasons why you should engage in roof repairs more actively. Be sure to have in inspected regularly and especially checked during extreme weather conditions and post-natural calamities that occur here in Western Canada. You can visit our roof repair page by clicking here, or for more information or contact us anytime to make an appointment and arrange an inspector to come by your home.