3 Reasons to Choose Rubber Roofing over Traditional Roofing

If you are thinking about replacing your current roof, you may be exploring the options you have.  Through your searching you may have discovered that rubber roofing is a very beneficial alternative to stand concrete or shingle roofing.  At Done Right Roofing we know that you have many options, so we wanted to share with you the benefits of using rubber roofing over traditional asphalt.

If you are looking to reduce your footprint and become more “green” then rubber roofing make the perfect solution for you.  Many of the materials that are used to create the rubber that is used in the roofing material is made up of recycled rubber materials such as old tires, meaning it takes less raw material to create these roofs.  In addition to how they are made, they are also “green” in their energy conservation.  Rubber roofs a can act as a good insulator, keeping buildings cold in the summer and warm in the winter more effectively.

Because you are able to use energy more efficiently, you can expect to pay less on your utility bills.  And speaking of bills that you have to pay, rubber roofing has much lower maintenance costs that asphalt roofing.  Extreme weather can damage asphalt roofing and lead cracks, leaks and holes which can end up costing you a lot of money!  Rubber roofing is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and climates so once you install it you shouldn’t have to worry about additional costs.

Standard roofing shingles can last anywhere from 10-20 years if they are not put through weather that is too extreme.  On the other hand a well-installed rubber roof can last up to 50 years before it needs to be replaced.  Many people get hung up on the fact that rubber roofing can be a little bit more expensive compared to shingle roofing, but when you take the time to compare their cost over time, rubber roofing actually proves to be the better value.

One important thing that you should keep in mind about rubber roofing is that while it is a great option, it is not a one size fits all solution.   If you have a roof that has too much slope to it or is not relatively flat, installation of rubber roofing may not work.  That being said there are options that can work on sloped roofs, but those have to be handled on a case-to-case basis.  The best way to find out if rubber roofing will work for your situation is to give us a call!

Since 2003 we have been offering quality roofing with a focus on service!  We believe that no one can be good at everything, that’s why we make sure we are experts at one thing, roofing!  We have a diverse team of owners and roofing experts that can make sure you get the optimal level of service and quality. If you would like more information or need help don’t hesitate to reach out to us online or by phone.

Do I Need A Rush Roofing Repair?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home.  It helps keep your home in good condition, in keeps the weather out, and it can even affect the value of your home.  So when a problem arises it can be very stressful.   We know that you want to get any problem that may come up taken care of as soon as possible, but we also understand that rush roofing can be a little more expensive that a standard roofing installation or repair.  In order to help ease your mind and give you all the facts you need, we would like to discus times when you may need to have a rush roofing job.

First and foremost you should understand that just because a leak has penetrated your home doesn’t mean that you still have time to deal with the leak because the damage has already been done.  If you find that you have a leak that is visible from the inside of your home – you need to get a rush-roofing repair done as soon as possible.  There is a misconception that once a leak makes it to your home you have time to deal with the problem because the leak has already penetrated the roof.  While it’s true that there will be some damage, waiting any longer can result in the spread of water damage even further into the home, costing you even more.

In Calgary – especially this winter – we can see some pretty extreme weather.  In recent weeks we have seen extreme cold and high winds.  When the weather gets extreme we can see shingles that begin to crack, tear, even be ripped of roofs!  If you find that your roof is becoming damaged from extreme climate, contact a roofer right away.  It’s important to note that depending on the amount of damage you may or may not to need a rush repair, but it’s better to have someone come take a look than to leave your home exposed to the elements.

When you are under a lot of stress financially it can be easy to choose a cheap roofing company so that you can get the job done and over with. That being said if you have chosen a roofing company that isn’t quite up to stuff you could end up paying for it later.  A rush roof repair may be necessary if you have recently had another roofing company come in to repair your roofing but you are noticing red flags.  Red flags you may see include leaking, inconsistent shingle appearance, or even shingles falling off the roof!  If you are seeing any of the problems, get a professional to your home to be sure that the current damage can be contained and more damage can be avoided.

If you think that you may need a rush roofing repair or just aren’t sure if you need a repair, feel free to give Done Right Roofing a call.  We have professional roofing installers that can work with you to determine what is best for both your home and your wallet!  We look forward to speaking with you.

Find out ‘Why is My Roof Leaking’?

There are many reasons that you might be facing a leak in your roof, for example many Calgary roofing companies saw an increase in repairs for leaks after the extreme winds and colds that dominated the area just a few weeks ago.  Factors that are both climate related – or related to actions of roofing contractors may result in a leaking roof.  The good news is that if you can learn the various causes of roof leaks, you can be better prepared to deal or even prevent with them.

First we would like to touch on the extreme weather conditions that Calgary roofing companies have been dealing with in the past few weeks.  When the weather drops dramatically there can be a build up of moisture between your roof and your insulation.  When this happens the water that may be forming in your home isn’t actually a leak, but rather is a result of condensation.  That being said condensation can still result in water “leaking” from the ceiling into your home, so you want to be sure you get it taken care of as soon as possible.

When you have a roof installed, it can be very tempting to go with the cheapest offer on the table, rather than choosing the most reputable or experienced company that you come across.  The problem is that the cheapest roof isn’t always the best roof.  While there are many great Calgary roofing companies out there, there are some that are simply trying to make a quick buck and get out.  Poor installation of your roof can result in gaps in your roof, poor building materials, and your roof may not even have a warranty.  If you don’t go with a professional you are setting yourself up for problems – including having leaks.

Excessive water flow and poor drainage design can also result in leaks in your roof.  In Calgary the piles of snow that we have will eventually have to melt.  As the snow melts the water runs across the roof and over time the water flow can begin to wear down the shingles.  It’s somewhat similar to the way that rivers and rain can erode away landscape; only it’s your roof!  Additionally when it rains, water drains of your roof through a gutter or drainage system.  If the system is not set up properly and the water actually spouts on to the roof it can create week spots in your roof, which can result in the wearing down of the shingles.  In some cases if you know that this is an issue, a few metal shingles can be placed to help prevent wear and tear, avoid leaks, and save you money!

If you think that your roofing may be leaking or you may be at risk for a leak, don’t hesitate to give us a call!  We have been helping homeowners get quality roofing at prices that meet their budgets and their needs.  Our contractors specialize in two things, roofing and customer service and we would love to impress you with both!

The Most Prevalent Roofing Problems In The Cold Months

Although roofing issues can occur at any time of the year, we know you’re more likely to see more problems during the winter months, especially if you have not taken the proper steps and maintenance that is required to prepare your roof for winter. Here are some of the top roofing problems that you may experience in the winter months.

The number one cold weather roofing issue we see are ice dams. Ice dams usually occur when the upper portion of your roof is warm enough for the accumulated snow on top of it to melt, but the eaves of your roof are cold enough to freeze water into icicles. The warmth of the top part of the roof is coming from the warmth of the air inside of your home which creates runoff, eventually freezing when it reaches the eaves of the roof. This creates a dam made of ice. The issue with ice dams is that they can be difficult to resolve. Attempting to take care of this problem on your own can easily cause damage to the roof. Removing ice dams should only be done by one of our professional roofing contractors here at Done Right Roofing.

Condensation can also be a major cold weather issue for your roof. Condensation typically occurs when warm, moist air hits a cold surface. This will usually happen when air from the inside of your home comes into contact with the cold underside of the roof deck. This is when condensation can start to accumulate on the roof and cause a buildup of moisture where areas of your roof may not be properly sealed.

When buildup of both condensation and ice dams occurs, water damage may be possible. This can cause significant issues with your roof and may even cause leaks. Indoor condensation can cause significant damage in the interior of your home, including peeling paint and rotting siding. This also promotes the growth of mold. Roof repair for this type of issue should be performed as quickly as possible in order to prevent extreme damage from occurring to both the roof and the inside of the home.

Although many homeowners may believe that there is nothing that can be done when these issues come up during the winter months, we know that roof repair in cold weather is safe and doable as long as the weather is dry and the temperature is higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s always important to have proper roof maintenance performed by one of our roofing contractors in order to avoid roofing problems in the future, particularly during winter months. Give us a call today and let us take care of your roof!