3 Reasons Why Calgary Roofing Companies Are Busy Today!

Calgary Roofing Companies Repairing Snowy Roofs

Calgary weather recently saw a very drastic jump from -30 (-40 with a windchill) to +5.  Every roof in Calgary has snow vigorously melting because of this warm up and Calgary roofing companies have phones ringing off the hook with requests for leak repairs.  At least 50% of these calls are actually condensation calls, not leaks!  If you would like to know more about this then read our last blog post at:


A good portion of these calls could actually be roof eaks.  Leaks which are of course totally avoidable.  At a great inconvenience to the homeowner – which is also totally avoidable.

Here are the top three reasons why many homeowners are undergoing this inconvenience and how anyone on the market for a new roof can avoid their mistakes.

  1. Leaking Roof Penetrations: The first reason Calgary roofing companies are busy today is because of leaking penetrations that require a roof repair.  A penetration is anything that penetrates the roof: vents, plumbing stacks, but most importantly, chimneys and skylights.  Most Calgary roofing companies are NOTORIOUSLY  bad for not re-flashing chimneys and skylights.  Other provincial building codes regulate this closely – but not in Alberta.  In Alberta it’s left in the hands of the contractors and the homeowners to decide.  Done Right Roofing has set the standard (to the dismay of many other local contractors) in requiring a mandatory re-flashing of ALL chimneys and skylights – regardless of the cost or inconvenience.  When Calgary roofing companies reuse flashing from a 20 year old roof that is punctured and bent and decaying, and then expect it to last a lifetime, they are just asking for a leak.
  2. Leaking Dead Spots:  The second reason calgary roofing companies are busy doing repairs today is because of roofing dead spots.  A roofing dead spot is a flat area of the roof (on an otherwise sloped roof line) where ice and snow sit for a long time and water does not easily flow off of the roof.  Many Calgary roofing companies just shingle over these areas like they don’t exist or at best use an ice and water protector in hopes that it’s never a problem.  Well, it may take a few years, BUT it will eventually be a problem.  The proper way to deal with a dead spot is to use a hot application of SPS roofing in this area that gets torched on and tied in with the shingles.  Nine out of ten Calgary roofing companies will not deal with a dead spot properly because: a) The fire insurance required to do SPS torch on applications is VERY expensive and out of reach for the 200 one man roofing shows passing themselves off as a legitimate Calgary roofing company and b) The trade ticket required to to the SPS application and the level of roofing expertise required to do the application safely is also out of the reach of many calgary roofing companies.
  3. Crappy Warranties:  The biggest reason homeowners are flooding the phones of Calgary roofing companies today is because they don’t have a good warranty on their roofing system in the first place.  When it comes time to purchase a roof most people would rather be spending the money on a winter vacation and penny pinch the price.  Inevitably prices from well-established calgary roofing companies run a little higher then Joe In His Truck Roofing.   A homeowner may pay a few hundred bucks less to Joe in His Truck Roofing, but when that roof starts to leak, and Joe can’t be found to up hold his warranty, any respectable Calgary roofing company (that can be trusted to do a repair) is going to charge a minimum $350 call out fee to be included in whatever the repair cost may be.

If your roof is leaking and you need and roofing inspection, roofing estimate, or roof repair, then visit our website at calgaryroofingdoneright.com  or call 403-651-0214.

POSTED: 12/16/13 1:11 PM
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