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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Done Right Roofing

1 We Never Use Subcontractors!

Many roofing contractors use sub-contractors, especially in the busy season, to do the actual roofing work. Sub-contractors are not accountable for their work and are unlikely to do the installation according to the same standards as employees. All our installations are done by our employees, who are accountable for maintaining our high standards.

2 We Replace All Flashing

More leaks are caused by old flashing than by the failure of the shingles. But flashing isn’t designed to last longer than the shingles. That’s why all flashing should be replaced when you re-roof. If it isn’t, it’s a recipe for problems down the road. You could experience leaks in just a few short years, despite having new shingles. We replace every piece of flashing on your roof penetrations and everywhere that your roof and walls meet to ensure a problem-free installation.

3 We’re Specialists, Not a Jack-of-All-Trades

We don’t pretend to be experts in all types of roofing. Our focus is on residential asphalt shingles. Period. We believe when you want something done right, you deserve a roofing specialist.

4 Certified Installers

We internally certify our installers with a written test and field exam. Additionally, our work is regularly inspected to maintain our extremely high quality-control standards.

5 Industry-Leading 15-Year Installation Warranty

You’ll probably never need to use it, but isn’t it nice to know we’ll look after any installation problems for a full 15 years! We’re available 24/7 and will respond to emergencies within 24 hours.

6 $1,000 Quality Assurance Rebate

Anyone can offer a warranty but, if there’s a problem, you’re still put out by the inconvenience. That’s why we’ll not only come out and fix your roof for free, but if there are significant problems, we’ll give you $1,000 for the inconvenience.

7 Adherence to Standards

We adhere to the requirements of the Alberta Building Code and to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure your roof is installed for a problem-free life. Failure to follow the code and specifications can result in roof problems and may even void the manufacturer’s shingle warranty. See our Alberta Building Code fact sheet.

8 Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured

  • We are licensed by the City of Calgary.
  • We are bonded to protect you in situations in which there has been default, negligence, misrepresentation, theft, conversion, or fraud.
  • We carry $2 million of liability insurance to cover you and your neighbours against any property or injury damages.
  • You may be held liable if an uninsured worker is injured on your property. Our certified installers are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance and we will be happy to provide you with an up-to-date clearance letter.

9 No Overbooking & Weather Protection

Our scheduling takes days lost to bad weather into account. We only schedule what we know we can install so you’re not left waiting and wondering.

Your roof is never left exposed to bad weather conditions. Calgary’s weather is unpredictable and we know we can’t afford to take chances with your home. To make sure your home is protected: We only remove the amount of your old roof that we believe we can re-install in one day. If there are exposed areas at the end of the day, we protect them with waterproofing and tarps.

10 Our Clients Love Us

We have had the pleasure of working for many wonderful clients over the years and they have been kind enough to sing our praises. Check out some of our testimonials. We’ll be happy to give you an even longer list when we visit you.

Or click here to read some of our great reviews on Homestars from homeowners just like you – people who really believe we offer the best roofing in Calgary.

Skeptical of online reviews? Read our Ethical Review Policy here.


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