What to Expect When You Hire Done Right Roofing

A worry-free experience, start to finish! A quality roof installation doesn’t happen by accident – it’s a well-organized process every step of the way.

10 Steps to Quality

1 Quote

We don’t believe in guesswork. Our quotes are thorough, not just rough estimates. We want you to know exactly what you’ll be getting so there are no unexpected surprises. We accurately measure your roof and inspect it for issues that may affect the cost, like rotting decking or problems with ventilation or flashing. The completed quote provides specifications and prices for all elements of your roof system: roof deck, ventilation, eave protection, flashing, underlayment and shingles.

2 Contract

An estimate or quote is not a legal contract. We spell everything out in a written service contract so you know exactly what you’re paying for, and so you’re completely protected in the event of any misunderstandings. Your contract will specify the exact work to be performed and all materials to be used. And we don’t add extras. The contract price is exactly what you’ll pay.

3 Scheduling

Roofing is a highly weather dependent industry, so we can’t absolutely guarantee an installation date However, we never overbook our jobs so it’s rare that the weather will change the installation date by more than a week. We will notify you if we need to reschedule, and we always call the day before your scheduled installation to remind you and make sure you’re prepared.

4 Preparation

Your roofing materials and bin will be delivered by our suppliers. We will notify you when the bin is scheduled to arrive so you can ensure proper access. Your Project Manager will call you the day before your scheduled installation to confirm when the crew will arrive and to advise you if there are other issues you need to be aware of.

5 Installation

A foreman will advise you when the crew arrives to start your installation. If you’re not home, that’s okay. We know what to do! There are many preparations for a quality installation and some of the most important are making sure your house and property are protected from damage.

We refuse to use sub-contractors to do your roofing. We believe that when you hire us to do your roofing, that’s exactly what you deserve. We only use our own certified installers to ensure the work meets our high standards and that everyone on the job is accountable for their work. We will simply provide the best roofing service.

6 Inspection

No “Done Right Roof” is complete until it has passed final inspection by a senior roofing technician. Covering over 50 crucial requirements of a quality installation, the inspection also includes many points assessing the quality of the cleanup. We ensure there is no mess left behind and no damage to your property.

Although any quality deficiencies are corrected before we consider the job complete, our employees earn a bonus if the installation passes the quality inspection the first time, a great incentive for top-notch work.

7 Warranty

In addition to the shingle manufacturer’s warranty, we protect you with our:

  • Lifetime Installation Warranty. We will repair, at no charge to you, any installation faults for the full lifetime of your shingle.
  • $1,000 Quality Assurance Rebate. If a significant portion of your roof was faultily installed, we will make the necessary repairs and pay you $1,000 to compensate you for the inconvenience.

8 Payment

We do not ask for deposits. The full payment is due only when the installation is completed and inspected by a senior roofing technician. For your convenience, we accept cheques or credit cards.

9 Warranty Calls

Nobody’s perfect, but our records show that 97.4% of our installations are problem free. In the unlikely event you need to call us back, rest assured we stand 100% behind our warranty: you can call us 24/7; we’ll respond to all emergency calls within 24 hours; and we’ll be on-site to check out the problem as soon as possible.

10 Feedback

We constantly seek improvement in every step of our roof installation process – from first contact to job completion – and your comments let us know how we’re doing. After your installation, we always ask for your feedback so you can tell us about your experience and help us in our quest for perfection.