Calgary Roofer Of The Week – Alex Karras

Calgary Roofer - November 11, 2013 - Alex Karras.

Calgary Roofer – November 11, 2013 – Alex Karras.

This week’s Calgary Roofer Of The Week is Alex Karras.  Alex is 24 years old and has been Roofing in Calgary for over three years.  He moved from California to Calgary in 2010 for the sole purpose or working for Done Right Roofing.  He previously worked in construction and tile roofing for his father while in California.

The first thing Alex realized about being a roofer in Calgary is that it’s nothing like California!

Some Major difference in being a California Roofer and being a Calgary Roofer are:

  1. The weather!  Being a Calgary roofer required constant knowledge of the weather.  One minute may be sunny in Calgary but the next minute it’s raining.  One day it may be -10 in Calgary but the next day it’s +2.  For a Calgary Roofer the weather determines not only if you can work, but also how the roof will be executed in order to make sure the home is safe and secure.
  2. The people!  Alex has said many times that he finds Calgarians to be very friendly both in terms of other Calgary Roofers and certainly the Calgary homeowners that he serves.  There’s a small town, friendly, feeling to working and living in Calgary.
  3. The Pay!  California roofers make minimum wage (sometimes less!).  Calgary Roofers are paid very very well for their hard work.  Obviously, this is something Alex really appreciates about roofing in Calgary, but it also can be some thing that leads a roofer into chasing more money with subcontracting crews.  Alex had a lot more to say about this…

“After working for Done Right Roofing for about a year I started to hear lots of stories of guys working for subcontracting crews or becoming a subcontracting crews and making even MORE money.  So of course, always wanting to do better for myself, I decided to give this a go.  While I was away from Done Right Roofing I learned some really important lessons that I wish I didn’t have to learn the hard way.  Calgary roofers basically come in two packages – employees or subcontractors.  Done Right Roofing only employs roofers and never subcontracts roofers.  When I went to work for some of these subcontracting crews I was ripped off, as in NOT PAID, not once, not twice, but three times!  I found the workmanship from these subcontract roofers to be down right embarrassing.  When I finally came to my senses and decided to go back to being an employed roofer I was too proud to ask for my job back at Done Right Roofing.  I called around to all of the other major Calgary roofing companies looking for employment.  To my surprise, no other major Calgary roofing company employees roofers.  All of the big guys use subcontractors.  Done Right Roofing was the only roofing company in Calgary committed to training and promoting long term employees.  I was shocked!  I’m very grateful to be working for Done Right Roofing again and I’m super proud to be their Calgary Roofer of the Week.”

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