Calgary Roofer Of The Week – Justen Knudsen

Calgary Roofer of the Week - Justen Knudsen

Done Right Roofing’s Calgary Roofer of the week is Justen Knudsen. Justen has been roofing in Calgary for 4 years. He originally comes from a small town in Alberta and brings his small town Albertan work ethic with him. One of Justen’s supervisors, Project Manager – Chase Taylor, describes him:

Justen Knudsen is a very well rounded Calgary roofer. He is extremely hardworking. I really appreciate that he’s always on time and sets a good example for the other guys in this area. When there is a task to do he takes care of it and I can trust that he’s going to do a good job even if I’m not looking. You never hear complaining out of his mouth. And that’s not an easy task in this industry where we are dealing with steep, cut-up, roofs, wind, rain, snow, and hail. Justen has a great attendance record and never misses any work. He listens when told to do something and never responds with an argument or an attitude. I have not had a chance to tell him do something, he’s smart enough, and proactive enough to always stays busy. It’s hard to keep good guys in the Calgary roofing industry. Justen really is a star Calgary roofer and a great addition to the Done Right Roofing team.

Justen also had some really wonderful things to say about his employment at Done Right Roofing. After four years in the industry, he knows that being a Calgary roofer is a tough gig. Calgary roofers are often stuck between low employee wages or high subcontractor expenses and lots of down time because of weather. When we asked Justen how working for Done Right differs from work for other Calgary roofing companies, he identified three main points:

“The pay is amazing!” DRR is the only major player in the city offering Calgary roofers subcontractor-like wages as a company employee.
“Install training is fantastic!” DRR literally set the standard for Calgary roofers doing a mandatory re-flashing of roof penetrations on all job sites.
“Office and field management are excellent!” DRR truly gives Calgary roofers the support they need administratively and onsite to do a great job. It takes an entire well-trained team to orchestrate hassle-free installations for homeowners.
“DRR really cares about the quality of the work and their employees!” This is where it all starts. Caring about doing something right rather than being content to do it wrong and make a quick buck. With all of the hail work, it is actually possible for Calgary roofers to slide by with low install standards. The roofing company truly has to set the standard of attentiveness and accountability built into the business ethics.

Last, but certainly not least Justen said, “I’m thankful and feel fortunate to be a part of the Done Right Roofing team and I will be with this company for the long term.” Thanks Justen! You’re an excellent Calgary roofer and the feeling is mutual.

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POSTED: 11/21/13 7:51 PM
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