Your Calgary Roofers: Roof Leaks & Damages

Basic Precautions Can Save You Thousands

Your home is your castle and usually your most valuable asset. Problems with your roof system can cause roof leaks and major damage, or increase your energy costs if not discovered early. Let Done Right Roofing provide you with more supplements and tips for roof leaks and damages.

The Enemy: Water

Your roof is a complex waterproofing system. Each part of the system has the potential to cause either roof leaks, excess moisture, or both, which can lead to a variety of problems, including:

Structural damage.

The presence of water can rot wood and even eat and destroy nails and other fasteners.

Blistering or peeling of exterior finishes.

Paint, stucco, and siding may all be damaged from excess moisture inside your home.

Damage to inside walls.

Wallpaper may start to peel and even drywall can be weakened or ruined.

Damage to flooring.

We all know what water can do to carpets and hardwood flooring.


Roof leaks and moisture can even cause health problems. You may not even realize you have a mould problem until you start experiencing health-related issues, like problems breathing.

Energy costs.

Moisture in the attic can reduce the effectiveness of your attic insulation. Even a slight increase in moisture content can have a major effect on your heating and cooling bills.

Prevent Roof Leaks and Avoid Major Repairs

A leaking roof can cause significant damage to your home. Preventing a roof leak is your best defense, but you should also be sure to repair roof leaks as soon as they are discovered.

More Information on Roof Leaks and Damage

Warning Signs

Regular roof inspections can detect the tell-tale signs of problems before they lead to major damage.

Roof Flashing Leaks

Most leaks are caused by improper flashing around roof penetrations like chimneys or skylights.

Chimney Leaks

Chimney leaks can often be traced back to a poor initial installation of chimney flashing.

Chimney Flashing

Learn more about chimney flashing issues and see before and after photos.

Skylight Leaks

Like chimney leaks, skylight leaks are also often caused by improper flashing.

Roof Valley Leaks

Find out how you can know if your roof valley metal was properly installed.

Roof Hail Damage

Learn how to spot damages caused by hail.

Ice Damming

Discover what causes roof ice dams and how to prevent them from happening.

Mould Damage

Undetected leaks can cause mould growth that can lead to many health issues.

Ventilation Damage

Read about the potentially serious consequences of inadequate ventilation.

Roof Maintenance

Some tips to help extend the life of your roof.