Quality Calgary Exteriors: Gutters, Soffit & Fascia

The exterior  of your home is important, not just for curb appeal, but as an part of your home’s water shedding system. These exterior components can protect your home from serious damage:

If any one of these components fails to do its part in the water shedding system your home becomes vulnerable to water damage, moisture build-up, and mould caused by weather conditions in Calgary. Exterior renovations then have to be done, and they must be done properly to ensure your home is protected.

Calgary Exterior Renovations

Understanding how the components of your exterior work together will help you choose a contractor experienced with Calgary exteriors.

The components work together so  they are constantly moving the water down and away from the house. Starting at the roof, water drains into the gutters and the gutters carry it away via the downspouts. The eavestroughs are attached to the fascia, which is protecting the wood framing underneath.

The soffit connects from the fascia to the outside wall of siding. Underneath the siding is the building envelope protecting the wood framing of the house. In high-quality exterior renovations, everything is designed and installed in sequence so that one component drains into the next to achieve perfect water shedding.

Your Assurance of Quality

To ensure you receive the highest quality, we use an independent contractor that specializes in exterior work to perform these services.

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Soffit and Fascia

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