20-Point Roof Inspection Calgary

Regular roof inspections are extremely important, especially for older roofs, to avoid serious problems. But they are advisable even if you have recently had your roof redone. You never know when something unexpected may be affecting the performance of your roof, like severe storms, recent installations of a satellite dish, or problems with flashing from temperature changes or settling.

Excess moisture and leaks often go unnoticed for years. Moisture in the attic due to poor ventilation can rot the roof deck, structural wood, and metal components and even cause mould that can affect your health. Slow leaks can cause similar damage in the walls, floors, and ceilings in your home.

Yearly roof inspections, even for newer roofs, can extend the life of your roof and prevent costly damages.

What’s Included in Our Roof Inspections?

Many roof inspections are simply a cursory look at your roof and are really designed to sell you a new roof. Our 20-Point Roof Inspection is designed to uncover any problem areas no matter how minor.

We’ll give you honest advice on the state of your roof. If it only needs a repair, that’s all you’ll get. We’ll provide you with only high-quality roofing services.

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