Soffit and Fascia Calgary: Repairs & Installation

Soffit and fascia: the two go hand in hand. Fascia is the horizontal board capping the end of the rafters. The surface below the fascia is the soffit.

Soffit, fascia and other elements of your roofing system give the exterior a finished appearance. More importantly, they help move water off of your roof so that it can’t cause damage.

Soffit and Fascia Installation

There are various ways of installing soffit, fascia, or just one of the two components (if you are replacing components, it’s not always necessary to replace both). Each situation is different. Your Done Right Roofing professional will be able to determine the best method or this type of roofing services for your home.

Facts About Fascia

  • The width of the fascia is generally 4 to 6 inches, however it can go up to 10 inches.
  • It is very common for fascia to be torn off at the ends due to strong winds. This can be prevented with gable trim and properly placed screws.
  • In deciding between wood or aluminum fascia, there is one major consideration: wood fascia must be painted every 3 to 4 years.  Aluminum fascia is colour-coated in the factory and never has to be repainted.

Remember, if you have aluminum fascia and you are replacing your eavestroughing, the old eavestroughing may leave visible and ugly nail holes in the fascia. It’s a good idea to get the fascia and eavestroughing done at the same time.

Your Assurance of Quality

To ensure you receive the highest quality, we use an independent contractor that specializes in exterior work to perform these services.