Calgary Roofing Snow Tips For The Worse Snow In 112 years

Today’s Calgary Sun reports that the Calgary’s early December snow fall has not been this heavy for 112 years.  Usually, Done Right Roofing works year around installing quality roofs, but even we are going to have to wait for the weather to warm up just a little, and some snow to melt!

The Sun reported:

‘It’s almost certain no one in Calgary was alive the last time the city experienced such a snowy start to December. Of the first 16 days of this month, Calgary received snow — ranging from just a trace to massive dumps and everything in between — on 15 of them. That’s added up to more than 32 cm so far in December. The average snowfall for those first 16 days is a quarter of that — just 8 cm, said David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada. ‘It’s burying you,’ he said. And not since December of 1901 – 112 years ago — has Calgary received that much snow in the first half of the month, he added. That year, there was 47 cm.”

Everyone wishing for a snowy Christmas definitely got their wish!  As far as Calgary Roofing goes Remember a few things:

  • Calgary Roofing Snow Tip # 1 – Underneath all of that snow is dry plywood just waiting to be re-roofed as soon as we are back to normal winter temperatures and clear, crisp, sunny days.
  • Calgary Roofing Snow Tip #2 – Snow melts, and you better be ready for it with good roofing practices, such as re-flashing penetrations, and torch applying roof dead spots, so that the roofing system can handle this massive dump.
  • Calgary Roofing Snow Tip #3 – Hopefully you cleaned out your gutters after the leaves fell and the snow piled in them, because all of that water shedding off the roof needs to go somewhere.

In addition to the snow, snow, snow, it’s been just a little on the chilly side.  The Calgary Sun reports, ‘Coupled with the cold snap drawing the average temperature over the first 16 days of the month down to -11.4C when it should be just -6.8C, it’s been a rough go for Calgarians,’ said Phillips. ‘This has been the cruellest end of fall ever,’ he said, noting winter doesn’t even officially begin until Saturday morning. Worse yet, in the season we call fall, ‘Calgary has already seen two days with temperatures below the coldest cold experienced in all of last winter,’ said Phillips.   ‘The silver lining is that the worst may be over, at least for this month.  My sense is you’ve already reached the bottom for December,’ he said.”

Well, that’s good news, we will get a snowy Christmas, and the worst is over.  If you have any questions about winter roofing or maintaining your roof in the winter check the rest of our website at or call us at 403-651-0214.

POSTED: 12/19/13 9:00 AM
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