Don’t Risk It! Hire A Professional For All Roof Repairs

Not enough people consider the importance of proper roof maintenance, especially during these cold winter months. A poorly maintained roof can lead to serious problems that can be difficult to contain once they start. Here at Done Right Roofing, we understand the importance of tackling problems before they occur, and our years of experience can help you maintain your home and reduce overall repair costs. We are a professional roofing contractor with decades of experience fixing and maintaining Calgary roofs. Fully licensed and tested regularly, we make sure all our roofing experts are up to code on the latest roofing regulations. Don’t risk hiring a sub-contractor for your roof jobs, only trust the professionals who understand the roofing systems that operate in many Calgary homes.

While most homeowners understand the importance of using professional contractors for their roof repair needs, most homeowner don’t know a lot about the physical components of the roof over their heads! In general, your roof is a six-part system that plays a vital importance in protecting your home and family. All roof maintenance jobs must inspect every aspect of the roof system in order to ensure that everything is working properly. Here is a basic break down of the most common components of residential roofs.

The roof deck is the wood or metal that is first laid down to make up your roof. It is sturdy and strong and designed to support the rest of the roof system. Next, is the ventilation system. The ventilation system helps move air in and out of your home, without letting in the elements and allowing your house to breathe so to speak. Eave protection is designed to protect your eaves from wear, and to let water and snow slide off your roof (and away from the house and foundation). The flashing comes next, followed by the underlayment. Both of these last roofing system components are designed to protect the roof deck from wear. Last, but not least, comes the shingles. They give your roof its unique style and help protect the rest of the roof from the elements for years. They are not only incredibly important, but the right choice can add style and beauty to your home as well.

Rain, snow, and other weather elements may wear down a poorly maintained or repaired roof, and this can lead to leaks in your roof. These leaks can cause serious damage and even mold throughout your home as leaks can also grow, letting in insects, bats, rats, and other dangerous pests that can make your home unsafe. A non-licensed roof repair company may know about a few aspects of the roof system, but are unlikely to understand every aspect and take the care required to insure a safely and professionally repaired roof. Here at Done Right Roofing we understand roof systems inside and out and we know what it takes to repair and maintain your roof and keep out the elements. There is no other Calgary based roofing repair company that does better work, and you can contact us anytime for more information or to arrange to have an inspector come by your home and offer their professional opinion.

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POSTED: 12/18/13 12:40 PM
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