Evaluating A Calgary Roofing Company Warranty

Calgary roofing companies are not created equally and neither are their warranties.  This article has two purposes:  First, to give homeowners the most important tips they need to evaluate a roofing company warranty.  Second, to show how the Done Right Roofing warranty compares to the industry standard.

If you are evaluating a Calgary roofing company and want to examine the merit of their warranty then consider these 3 things:

  • Make Sure There Is Fine Print!  Yes, you heard me right.  Any well established Calgary roofing company should have a written warranty that is separate from their estimate and their service contract and resembles many other legal documents you have seen in the past.  If the roofing company warranty is a blurb at the bottom of the estimate that says “5 Year Install Warranty” and nothing else, how seriously do you think that company takes the terms and conditions.  Obviously an install warranty doesn’t cover Acts of God or manufacturer defects, but if the roofing company doesn’t even care to specify in writing what it does cover, then really what good is it. The Done Right Roofing warranty is a full page document that is legally binding for the Lifetime of your shingle which implemented in 2017.
  • Make Sure It’s 10 Years or More!  Done Right Roofing set the standard for the Calgary roofing companies in 2009 when we announced that we would offer a 10 year workmanship warranty in comparison to the common roofing company offering 5 years.  Our reasoning was simple, we are building roofs to last, and we are willing to be accountable for our work.  Although, many roof failures will show up in the first  rainstorm, there are long term installation problems that may take longer to discover.  Just to name a few:  roof rot, mold build up from bad ventilation, or blow off from bad nailing.  We are committed to continually raising the bar in the Calgary roofing industry which is why we are upgrading to a 15 year workmanship warranty.
  • Make Sure It’s Legit!  We have seen a recent trend in Calgary of “No Name Roofing Company” offering their clients lifetime installation warranties.  If a roofing company has been in Calgary for less than 10 years, only runs one crew in the summer, operates their business from their one bedroom apartment, and does not have all of the other signs of being a well established Calgary roofing company – then let’s be honest people, what good is a lifetime warranty from “No Name Roofing Company”.  The answer is, they can say they will warranty your roof for this lifetime (and the next one), but it doesn’t matter what they said when they go out of business next year, because that warranty is now worth nothing.  Any well-established Calgary roofing company is going to charge you a minimum $350 roof repair call out fee to even come look at the mess “No Name Roofing” left behind.

In addition to upping our minimum warranty to 15 years, Done Right Roofing will also be offering an upgrade to a lifetime workmanship warranty starting in 2014.  We hope this article helps you choose a good roofing company.  If you need more help with this please visit Choosing A Contractor or Request A Quote or call 403-651-0214.

POSTED: 11/26/13 8:15 PM
IN: Roof Tips