Give Your Roof A Facelift With Beautiful New Shingles

With the roof serving as one of the most essential aspects to any structure, it just makes sense to entrust the care and repair of such a valuable asset to our reliable and reputable roofing team here at Done Right Roofing. As the name boldly states, we feel that it is our duty to not only provide roof repair, but also to provide top quality work that is undoubtedly done right.

Much like a hat offers protection and shields us from weather elements, or simply adds a decorative accent; varying types of roofs do much the same for our homes—protect, shield, accent. Just the act of adding new shingles alone could provide your home with an entire new character, look, and feel. When choosing a roofing contractor, it is of utmost importance to consider such details as dependability and durability. Dependability and durability are only two of the guaranteed qualities that come with choosing Done Right Roofing for your roofing needs. Whether you are in need of roof repair, maintenance or simple upgrading with new shingles, it is important that you have the peace of mind that the job will be done right. Poor roofing work or repairs only lead to more costly consequences–the eventual replacement.

A modern roof system has to perform a variety of functions in separating indoor and outdoor environments. Particularly important are the ability to protect a building against entry of moisture and the provision of effective thermal insulation. The system will normally include a structural roof deck, an air-vapor control element, insulation and water shedding or waterproof roofing. It does not much matter how these are combined with respect to heat loss, but their relative locations have a considerable effect on the performance of the individual elements. Wall-roof junctions, drainage methods, the appropriate stiffness and the load-bearing capacity of the roof should all be taken into consideration.

Done Right Roofing assures all our customers receive roofing services that meet all criteria outlined by law. We pride ourselves in our work and guarantee all our services come with the standard combination of professionalism, quality, and value that vastly sets us apart from your typical roofing contractor. For years our quality work has been marked by fast, friendly feedback on quotes, maintenance tips, and competitive pricing specials. We use fully licensed company employees as opposed to sub-contractors. We offer workers’ compensation for all employees. We provide liability insurance, and 24-hour emergency service. These and many other services are what have set us apart from the competition for many years and keep our customer base satisfied and steadily increasing. Don’t wait, contact us today for all your roofing needs!

POSTED: 01/21/14 7:46 AM
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