GST Off Winter Roofing Contracts Received By Friday, Nov. 2, 2013

With Calgary having it’s first snow fall of the year this last weekend, homeowners may be thinking they are out of time to get their roofing done this season. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Calgary has the most sunny days in Canada that provide excellent opportunities for roofing year around. Because of the warm weather cycle constantly brought in by the infamous Calgary’s Chinook there are lots of warm, sunny, days that are perfect roofing weather. There are a few important facts to consider about roofing through Calgary’s winter:

  • Firstly, the manufacturer’s shingle warranty AND the Done Right Roofing warranty is the same – whether you do your roofing in January or June. If the quality of the installation or the life span of the product went down in the winter, then the warranty period would have to go down as well, but it doesn’t. for the obvious reason that an experienced roofing company uses practices that deliver excellent installations year around.
  • Secondly, whether an old roof is torn off in January or June, what is underneath that roof?  Dry plywood!  There can be 2 feet of snow on your roof, but underneath the old roof is a perfect intact roofing substrate waiting to be roofed year around.
  • Lastly, and best of all, with the busy season over, there are more booking days and discounts available for winter roofing. If you have already received a quote for your roof, or are looking to get one this week, you can received GST Off (5%) the entire purchase if your contract is received by our Calgary office by Friday, Nov. 2, 2013.

Good planning goes a long way, but IF bad weather ever did interrupt a roofing contract, every house is left water proof at the end of each work day to prevent any damage to your home. Calgary’s climate offers an excellent opportunity for homeowners to save money by doing their roofing in the wintertime. If you would like to know more about winter roofing, check out our very informative winter roofing FAQ  or call our Calgary office to find out how many winter roofing discount days are still available for booking.

POSTED: 10/28/13 2:52 PM
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