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As the internet has become more and more popular roofing reviews and testimonials are collected online by 3rd party sites.  This is a great way to get objective roofing reviews rather then just the ones a roofing company wants you to see.  In the last few years Done Right Roofing has focused on 3rd party reviews on one very popular website called Homestars.  Homestars is a user friendly resource for roofing reviews because it has a 10 star rating system and a way for the roofing company to respond to the review posted.

Done Right Roofing is honored to have an abundance of 10 star reviews posted every week by happy Calgary homeowners.  M. Young in the NE of Calgary kept his 10 star Done Right Roofing Review short and sweet, AMAZING! This is the best company I have every worked with… Highly Recommended!”

This  is what Calgary Homeowner Sally Holman had to say about Done Right Roofing on October 24th in her 10 Star review, “Done right roofing was an amazing company to work with…The roofing crews were courteous and clean, not a scrap left behind…  There were no surprises! I would and have highly recommended to others.”  Sally’s roofing review is an important reminder to Calgary homeowners  that any quality roofing company prioritizes great clean up.

JB Migel chose Done Right Roofing to replace his Calgary roof and posted a 10 star roofing review on Homestars on November 8th.  He says, “After trying some other contractors for estimates done right roofing was a breath of fresh air. The estimator did a quality survey… Then the ordering and installation people were all very helpful and friendly… cleanup was also excellent. I’m very happy with my new roof and recommend done right roofing.”  This roofing review is a reminder to Calgary homeowners that roofing is not just a trade – it’s a service!  An excellent roofing company is going to be friendly, informative, and helpful at every stage of the roof replacement.

When researching roofing reviews here’s a few tips:


  1. Roofing review tip number one is easy – google “Calgary Roofing Co. Name Reviews.”  This is easy to do and only takes a minute.  Any well established calgary roofing company is going to have online reviews somewhere on the internet.
  2. Roofing review tip number two is look for a large quantity of reviews and/or testimonials over a long period of time.  In Done Right Roofing’s case our reviews date back a decade.  If you find a calgary roofing company with 100 10 star reviews from 2012 and nothing previous, be suspicious.
  3. Roofing review tip number 3 is a little harder.  Look for authenticity in the review.  This means a large diversity of names, comments, and locations, over a long period of time.

If you would like to read more Done Right Roofing reviews visit our testimonials page or  If you would like to get an estimate from Done Right Roofing call us at 403-651-0214 or submit a request on our website 24 hours a day.

POSTED: 11/15/13 1:42 PM
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