Prepare For Spring With A New Roof This Winter

As every resident of Calgary, Alberta knows, spring brings two things: light rain and thunderstorms. Both of these things can wear heavily upon your roof and can lead to leaks. Just a small bit of water inside of your home in an area that it’s not supposed to be can result in water damage to walls, ceilings and electrical wiring, all of which are less costly to fix than mold. In fact, the average cost to repair water damage caused by rain and snow is a little over $5,000.

You may not notice your roof leaks until the spring comes, but your roof may already be under the heavy strain of winter. According to, hail damage, snow and ice dams are the top three reasons that your roof may sustain damage during the winter. Most homes lack the proper ice shields and heated gutters to prevent ice from sitting underneath shingles, expanding when it heats up after coming in contact with your home’s retained heat and ruining your roof’s protective underlying layers. This is what tends to lead to the leaks that you may not notice until the rainy parts of spring come.

While the installation and repair of your roof may appear simple enough to have anyone perform, there are a number of important roof repair signs that only an experienced roofing contractor knows to seek. The damage that has been done to your roof may extend further than just a few up-turned shingles and tears in the tar paper beneath them. You may find that your roof sags and flashing around things like vents and chimneys no longer protect against water and leaks. This causes the wood of your roof to deteriorate and become weak. These types of things can lead to a hazardous environment for not only you as the resident, but also the workers trying to fix your roof.

When you consider all these things, it’s not farfetched to understand how an experienced roofing professional may look at your roof and find that it’s past the point of simple repairs. Being able to accurately determine when roof repair should be substituted for an entirely new roof separates professional roofing contractors from novice roofers. When the latter chooses to repair a roof that has gone past its prime, the repairs may hold for a few weeks or even a few seasons before the leaks reappear and cause massive damage that will still require a new roof even after you fix it.

That’s why it should make sense to have a roofing contractor like Done Right Roofing inspect and replace your roof this winter. Replacing your roof before water has the opportunity to damage things like your home’s structure costs a fraction of what future repairs could cost. When you choose to replace your roof this winter, you’ll save on repairs that water damage could create, as well as avoid headaches and hassles this spring by having chosen us.

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POSTED: 01/6/14 7:54 AM
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