Project 10,000: Making the World a Better Place, One Girl at a Time.


Our goal is to educate 10,000 girls in developing countries by building 10 new schools over the next 10 years.

Action Plan:

  • Done Right Roofing will match the donations of customers and other donors, up to $5,000 a year, to raise an annual total of $10,000 per school for the next 10 years.
  • Done Right Roofing will provide the budgeting plan, the funds, and approve the curriculum for a local organization that has already been successful educating girls in that area.  A few organizations being considered are:
    • The Afghan Institute of Learning
    • Girls Learn International
    • 10,000 Girls
  • Done Right Roofing will provide each $100 donor with a copy of the book, “Half The Sky,” and access to a website with photos and testimonials from each of the 10,000 girls who will be educated through this program.

Why Girls and Not Boys?

There is one simple reason – Educating Girls Improves The Overall Well-Being of a Society. Numerous studies show that societies that educate and empower girls have less violence, more economic prosperity, better schools, and superior health care than societies that don’t.  In many 3rd world countries the education of boys takes precedence over the education of girls.  It is more likely that a family will find a way to educate boys while girls are kept home to do chores or are married off before they can finish school.  Focusing on the education of girls, until it is at least equal in quantity and quality to that of boys, will make the world a better place for ALL of humankind.

Can You Spare $100 to Educate 10,000 Girls?

Donate by credit card by calling (403) 651-0214 or by mailing a check to:

Project 10,000
#10, 2625 – 18 St NE
Calgary, AB T2E 7E6

If you would like more information on Project 10,000, please email us at