Redoing Your Home? Don’t Forget About The Roof!

There’s nothing that brings forth a rush of mixed emotions quite like planning a home renovation. On the one hand, it’s exciting! You get to look at new furnishings, play around with paint colours, stare at pictures of other people’s homes and envision exactly what your dream house might look like – what the best way to represent your personal style and tastes might be. This is the most fun part of renovating (besides looking at the finished product, of course!) – but that emotion can be difficult to recall when you’re feeling the sticker shock of staring at a new product, dealing with difficult contractors, unearthing structural problems with your home that you never knew existed, or even wading through sawdust and stray wiring on your way to a partially-built kitchen that seems like it might never get done. There’s all kinds of feelings on the renovation spectrum, from abject fear and anxiety to total bliss, but the greatest risk as the process of renovating goes on is that these feelings will get in the way of your judgment, and you’ll somehow miss something in the process of figuring out just what it is your house needs.

Many of us have a standard list of things we run through in our home-renovation checklist, when we’re considering what we’d change about our homes. Some of these things are purely cosmetic – new furniture, different paint colours – and some are more structural, like fixing that perpetually leaky pipe or installing new lighting that doesn’t look like it time-travelled here from the ‘70s. All of this stuff comes to mind easily, because it’s right in front of us, every morning when we wake up, all day as we walk around our homes, and at night when we go to bed. What we often have a harder time remembering is that it’s just as important to take care of the exterior aspects of our homes, in particular the roof, when we’re preparing for the rush of spring renovations.

We understand that since we’re a roofing company, you might roll your eyes when we tell you that it’s important to get your roof checked out and maintained on a regular basis. But we got into this business because we truly believe in the importance of proper roof care, and we understand how much good a well-maintained roof can do for a home – or how bad it can be if you let your roof degrade and deteriorate without the proper amount of attention for too long.


Your roof is the only thing really protecting your home, as well as every single person and piece of property in it, from Calgary’s sometimes harsh elements – the hot summer sun, the frigid winter temperatures, the blasts of wind, rain, snow and hail that seem to happen at a moment’s notice. If you don’t take care of your roof, all those interior renovations will be rendered absolutely pointless as mold and mildew grow in your home due to condensation, cracks start to form in the structure of your house, leaks start to spring up, and more. It’s crucially important that if you’re planning on changing anything else about your home, you check out the health and safety of your roof by getting in touch with us and scheduling one of our experienced contractors to come and take a look. This goes double if your home is older, or if you haven’t had your roof looked at in a while – much of the structural damage that can happen over time is difficult to see, and doesn’t really become apparent until you’re watching water pour down through your ceiling, or confronting some nasty structural damage that’s going to take all the money you were going to spend on that new light fixture just to fix.

All of this can be avoided simply by getting in touch with us and talking about the various options for roof repair and maintenance we can offer you. At Done Right Roofing, we’re just as excited for renovation season as you are, and we’re looking forward to helping your home look its best and stay secure.

POSTED: 03/20/14 7:59 AM
IN: Roof Tips