Roof Ventilation

Our superior roof ventilation system stops your roof surface from rotting by preventing moisture buildup

Roof Ventilation Done Right

The Done Right Roofing System gives your roof the right amount of airflow to prevent moisture buildup that leads to roof rot. This ventilation will also help regulate the temperature of your home.

Roof Ventilation Basics

Attic ventilation is critically important for two major reasons:

  • To reduce the buildup of heat in the attic, which can lead to the formation of ice dams, premature shingle decay, and higher energy costs.
  • To reduce attic moisture and condensation. Excess moisture can damage the structure of your roof and house framing, wreck your interior walls and floors, and even create moulds than can affect your health. A minor increase in the moisture content of your insulation can significantly reduce its effectiveness.

Older homes generally lack adequate roof ventilation. Additional ventilation is often required to meet the requirements of the Alberta Building Code and shingle manufacturers’ warranties.

Additional ventilation can be added by using ridge vents or more conventional roof vents. The characteristics of your roof and aesthetics will determine which types of roof vents we install.

We will give you your options during our site visit.