Done Right Roofing: Reviews from Satisfied Homeowners

“From the time Antoine sat with us and explained everything, I knew we were choosing the best.  The level of service, knowledge, and professionalism was excellent…I’m very happy with everything.  I don’t know how you could improve upon that.”

K. Graiter, Calgary

“DRR offered very competitive pricing; good work, and even added some extras beyond the contract at no extra cost.”

– P. Bentz, Calgary Homeowner, NW

“Your company has replaced my roof early in June and I would like to compliment on a job well done.  You have really done my roof right.  The quality and craftsmanship is excellent and your team is very professional.  It’s been a great pleasure to have been working with your company.  Again, thank you very much for a job well done.”

– J. Chwiecko, Calgary Homeowner

“Roofers were quick & courteous, property cleaned up very well.  I would rate the customer service as excellent.”

– L. Hulme, Calgary Homeowner

“The work was efficiently performed and completely satisfactory.  The scope of the completed work and bidding was as agreed.  We can certainly recommend Done Right Roofing.”

– The Duzinski’s, Calgary Homeowners, SW

“The crew was great.  They were very respectful, worked diligently each day, and made sure he site was clean each day.  I was delighted when you attended to us earlier than scheduled due to a leak, when you made extra effort to get our satellite dish repositioned, when you had the foresight to tarp the roof before it snowed overnight, and when the entire crew was always polite and respectful. We will not hesitate to recommend Done Right Roofing to anyone who asks.”

– D. Stewart, Calgary Homeowner, NW

“Service was very good.  Especially when they came back after the job was done to fix the drip edge and reattach the downspouts! Well Done!

– Heidi, Homeowner Calgary

“Done Right Roofing gave me a competitive quote.  They started on time, worked hard, had good craftsmanship, and respectful roofers.  They cleaned up everything each night – there was no mess at all!”

– Ted & Lori, Calgary Homeowners

“I appreciate how quickly the roof was reshingled.  Very speedy, very polite – A very positive experience for the homeowner.”

– N. Merryfield, Calgary Homeowner, SW

“Done Right Roofing was timely, efficient, hard workers, and care was taken with yard and property.  They were both professional and courteous.”

– The Babiuk’s, Calgary Homeowners

“Done Right Roofing – was exceptional in their service and workmanship.  I felt very confident dealing with this company.”

– Murray, Bragg Creek Homeowner

“The Done Right Roofing Team was efficient, courteous, and respectful from the time of the quote to the final job 10/10.”

– C. Stewart, Calgary Homeowner

“I am thrilled with the job that was completed.  It appears to be a first quality job!!! The crew that worked on my roof was very, very, polite and absolutely the nicest young men.  They represent your company well.”

– D. Franklin-Harrison, Calgary Homeowner

“The whole experience was great.  Daily calls until the weather improved and the installers were able to start were much appreciated.  Everyone was very friendly.  Great clean- up.  Thanks so much for a great job!”

– S. Newman, Calgary Homeowner, SE

“I was very happy when DRR identified the problem and was very honest about what it needed to be done.  Very good job!  Thanks to every one of the roofers.”

– C. Brassard, Calgary Homeowner SW

“My payment check was held up by 5 days and your company said it was fine. There was no demand for payment on the spot and no phone calls.  Done Right Roofing took my word that the check was on the way.  Thank you so much for work well done.”

– L. White, Calgary Homeowner, SE

“From the estimate to the work being ‘Done Right’, I was very delighted.”

– L Givens, Calgary Homeowner, SE

“The whole process was a pleasure…The young men who dropped off the roofing materials first thing on Monday morning, on an extremely cold Calgary morning…Right through to the final inspection, receipt of invoice/Guarantee etc.  The photos for the quote provided to us by email were very helpful and the photos taken when the work was being done really showed us the problem areas.

You’ve got a good ground – everyone was courteous, prompt, and very hardworking.  Thanks for getting our work done in a timely and efficient manner.”

– S. Tharp, Calgary Homeowner

“Great timeliness and follow-through.  Also within budget.”

– R. Phelps, Bragg Creek Homeowner

“Excellent roofing job.  Took clean up thoroughly.  Did not cause any damage to flower bed. Courteous staff.”

– Dan, Calgary Homeowner

“The service was great and the roofers were great too.”

– P. Zabok, Calgary Homeowner

“Good reliable service from quote to the completion of the job.”

– M. Guenter, Calgary Homeowner, SE

“We were impressed with competence of the roofers, the speed at which they progressed, their courteous manner and the cleanup of materials.  In this matter I also was pleased to find my driveway void of materials. At this point your team seems to be working together well and all issues are addressed as they arise.  There seems to be a strong customer and work ethic within your company.”

– S. Drumand, Calgary Homeowner, NE

“Excellent customer service! All around great work.”

– T. Schmidt, Calgary Homeowner

“The estimator showed up on time for the consultation and the roofing crew was here first thing in the morning and did not dink around.  They got to work right away and continued right through the day.  The only time I saw them stop was for lunch.”

– Maureen, Calgary Homeowner

“Excellent work ethic – nice to see – great clean up on the job as well.”

– Jack, Bragg Creek Homeowner

“The work was done on time, as promised and the attention to the job at hand was first rate and excellent.  My first time with Done Right was just great!  Thanks for the Excellent work!”

– Glen, Calgary Homeowner

“Great Customer Service – professional and courteous.  I’m happy to recommend Done Right to clients.”

– S. Bayer, Bragg Creek Homeowner & Realtor

“Excellent service and professional. Keep it up!”

– Mark, Calgary Homeowner

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