Our Ethical Review Policy

Online reviews are becoming a major decision-making factor for homeowners when choosing for the best roofing contractor. Unfortunately, there are many instances of companies misleading consumers by scripting and paying for ratings and reviews. Some review sites may not have policies and procedures in place to prevent this.

Make sure the contractor you choose has an ethical policy regarding gathering and posting online reviews. Misleading consumers is not OK. It’s unethical and it’s illegal.

Our Review Policy is as Follows:

  1. DRR does not post reviews on behalf of customers. All our reviews are authentic, written by customers, in their own words. 
  2. DRR does not script reviews or suggest what our customers should say in reviews, either directly or indirectly.
  3. DRR does not offer financial compensation for reviews or ratings, such as taking the GST off the price, or do anything that could be considered a financial incentive to get a rating or a review.
  4. As a token of appreciation, DRR may give a modest gift card to customers who have already posted a review in their own words, with their own rating, of their own volition.