Roof Insurance Claims Made Easy

Severe wind and hail can cause major damage to your shingles. If you’re unsure whether your roof was damaged, check our signs of hail damage and inspect your roof and property for missing shingles.

Done Right Roofing will be happy to arrange an inspection of your roof if you are unsure and provide your roof insurance company with a letter reporting our findings.

We all know it’s no fun dealing with roof insurance companies. Record the exact date the damage occurred and notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Insurers generally have a time limitation on filing claims.

Don’t let your insurer persuade you to choose a specific contractor. Insurance companies like to minimize their claims and may be recommending a roofing contractor that is less expensive, and not necessarily of high quality.

You have the right to choose your own contractor and should take as much care in doing so as you would if the insurance company was not involved.

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