Preferred Contractors for Insurance Claims

Do You Have To Use Your Insurer’s Preferred Contractors?

In most cases you are under no obligation to do so, but you should contact your insurer’s claims department to make sure. Replacing your roof is a major renovation and the most important consideration is whether you’ll get a high quality, problem-free and long-lasting roof. A preferred contractor may be a good choice. But you can’t really know unless you get some other independent quotes for comparison purposes. You’re the only one who can decide who you choose to do this important work.

Who Do Preferred Contractors Really Work For?

Preferred contractors are in a difficult situation. A substantial source of their revenue comes from insurance company referrals and, naturally, they don’t want to jeopardize this valuable source of business. On the other hand, you are their real client and they don’t want to damage their reputation by doing a mediocre job. The bottom line? It’s up to you to decide whose needs are most important to the recommended contractor. You can do that by evaluating their attitude when you speak with them:

  • Are you just another “number” in the long line of insurance claims or do they take the time to make sure your needs and problems are being addressed?
  • Do they just want to do the work the insurer will pay for, or do they assess all the work required and tell you they’ll work with the insurer to pay for it?

Is It Less Expensive To Use A Preferred Contractor?

You may get a lower quote but we all know that high quality and low prices don’t go hand in hand. Anyone can replace the shingles on your roof but there’s much more to a quality job than properly installing shingles. Even with properly installed shingles, your roof may develop leaks in as little as 4 – 5 years because other parts of the job weren’t done. For example, we routinely replace all flashing instead of reusing existing flashing. Why? Because most roof leaks are caused by improper or deteriorating flashing. Click here to learn more about flashing.

Protect the Investment in Your Home

Your question shouldn’t be whether or not to use a preferred contractor. It should be which contractor, regardless of their situation, will give you the problem-free, long-lasting roof you deserve. Call us today for a free hail damage inspection. We’ll explain the damage and give you an independent assessment of what’s required to make your roof better than new. And we’ll work with your insurance company to help you with your roof insurance claims on your behalf.