Expert Roof Repairs in Calgary

Who do you turn to when you need roof repairs? Calgary homeowners have many choices. The bad news is that not all of the companies claiming to be experts in roof repairs in Calgary are up to the task. The cause of roof leaks is often very difficult to pinpoint.


What Should You Do?

First, find an expert!  You don’t want someone unqualified installing your roof and you don’t want someone unqualified doing roof repairs. Calgary’s Done Right Roofing has an entire division dedicated to roof repairs in Calgary.

We are experienced with even the most difficult roofing problems that no one else has been able to solve. Our repairs division team has a combined 50 years of roofing experience and is committed to solving any roofing problem you may have.

Leak Detection Is An Art Not A Science

It is very common for homeowners to end up paying for roof leak repairs and still have problems after the repairman leaves. This is because the repairman did not do adequate leak detection. It’s tough to do proper leak detection without an in-depth understanding of how a roofing system works.

Here are 4 tips for leak detection:

Roof Penetrations: The detective should start by checking out all roof penetrations. A roof penetration is a section where the roofing surface has a penetration leading to the interior of the house.

Roof Design: One must visualize the roof in all four seasons to know how it will deal with rain, snow, or ice damming.

“Be a drop of water”: Start from the bottom and work your way up. Water does not defy gravity, it flows downhill.

Building Envelope: When people have a leak they think “roof,” but sometimes it’s not the roof. It’s some other component of the home’s water shedding system. Only 35% of the home’s exterior is roofing. The other 65% is vertical building envelope. The building envelope is the construction paper used to envelope your home. It must be installed in the same manner as the roofing system where everything overlaps to ensure water flows away from the home.

Having an in-depth understanding of how the entire exterior of the home achieves water shedding is essential to accurate leak detection and proper roof leak repairs.

Want to Learn More?

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