Meet Our Team

Sherene  St. CyrSherene St. Cyr Co-Founder & President

When it came time to choose a career, Sherene wanted work that would allow her to make a contribution to the world. While completing a master degree in psychology, she inadvertently fell into the roofing business; her partner was a roofing subcontractor, so it seemed logical to work with him to put herself through school. She spent a year doing roof installations on everything from new homes to four-storey condos. This year of hands-on installation would be invaluable for building Done Right Roofing.

It became very clear to Sherene that the roofing trade had both problems and opportunities—and that homeowners were really playing roulette with their homes when it came to reroofing. In 2003, she convinced her partner that they could and should make a contribution to Calgary’s roofing industry and, more importantly, to individual homeowners. Sherene started DRR with one question in mind: what do homeowners need in order to have a great reroofing experience?

With proper training, roof installations are very straightforward. But in order for people to have a worry-free experience, the whole of the business needs to be organized, efficient, and staffed with amazing people who care about the homeowners. Armed with an idealistic vision, a natural talent for systemization, and a passion for communication, Sherene opened a Word document, typed in “Service Contract” and started to build Done Right Roofing.

Sherene knew that it would take more than just doing high-quality work to succeed in this competitive industry and build a highly successful business. So while her partner was bringing the highest standards to installations, she was busy developing systems for customer service and a business plan that would make DRR a leader in its industry.

Construction is still very much a man’s business, not only in its population but also in its values. As a woman, Sherene works to bring traditionally feminine values to the roofing trade, such as focusing on clients’ feelings and needs in a caring, attentive, personal manner rather than just getting in there and getting the job done; and connecting with employees through a team approach rather than establishing a hierarchy. She believes that this approach creates a better experience for both clients and staff and contributes to DRR’s growth and profitability.

After twelve years in business, DRR has grown into one of the largest residential reroofing companies in Calgary, and Sherene’s desire to make a contribution to people—both employees and customers—is stronger than ever.

Antoine St. Cyr

Antoine St. Cyr Roof Repair Expert

Antoine has always been passionate about working with his hands and has spent his entire career in the trades. While his love of the outdoors and being in nature is one reason he enjoys hands-on work, he’s also driven by the desire to create, with an eye on both function and quality.

Antoine started roofing as a subcontractor. He found the work easy and he enjoyed pushing the envelope to do things better and ever more efficiently. He and his then partner Sherene shared the desire to develop a roofing company that would “do it right” and founded Done Right Roofing.

Throughout his roofing career, Antoine has done every single roofing-related job in the business, from labouring, installing, and dumping trailers to site supervision and project management, all the way up to owner-operated field management. When he’s not up on a roof, Antoine loves to skidoo, boat, four-wheel, and spend time with his daughter.


Amanda Bulmer Office Manager

Amanda went to school to work in the veterinary field but found that she had a hard time seeing animals in pain. Luckily for us, she found her way to Done Right Roofing, where she started as a receptionist in 2011.

Bright, professional, and easy to work with, Amanda was soon promoted to administration, where she oversaw our roof installations. She grew along with us and decided to go back to school to study accounting in 2014, so we wanted to grow with her by giving her a position relevant to her passion.

Today, Amanda keeps the books for us and manages the office, but don’t be surprised if you get her on the phone when you call. She can do every job in the office, from reception and every single aspect of administration to accounting.

No matter what she’s doing, Amanda is always focused on our customers. She understands their needs and going out of her way to meet them. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, music, and supporting the well-being of animals.