Spring Is Coming – Is Your Roof Ready?

We all look forward to the weather getting warmer. It’s a fact so obvious it barely needs to be stated; after an Alberta winter, especially one as harsh as the one we’ve just been through, it’s always an amazing feeling to watch the sun come out more and more, to see the snow slowly starting to melt, to know that summer’s coming around the corner. Soon, we’ll be free to walk around without layers on, just being able to enjoy the beauty and freedom that comes with the warmer weather.

 But before you get too excited, it’s also important to remember that spring can bring volatile weather conditions, and the period of transition between seasons in Calgary can sometimes be hard on homes, especially roofs – the parts that are most exposed and vulnerable to the elements. Unexpected roof damage or even collapse can make your life extremely difficult – taking the fun out of summer and replacing it with irritating repairs and unexpected renovations. Your roof is supposed to be able to protect you from the full force of any kind of weather, and keep your family and your possessions safe from damage or harm. So what better time than spring – as the snow is easing off, before the summer’s (sometimes equally extreme) weather sets in, in preparation for any changes in your home’s structure the shift in weather and humidity might bring about – to take a look at your roof and see if there’s anything about it that needs updating? It’s worth it to hire a professional who understands the unique challenges a Calgary winter can pose to your roof. We’ve seen a few of these winters come and go, and we can guarantee that taking this one simple step now will save you headaches and stress down the line.

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A lot of the trauma and damage that can happen to your roof comes as a result of temperature changes. There are different ways in which winter and spring weather can damage your roof’s surface if the roof has been improperly installed or if it has simply been worn away over time, as many homes can be. For example, if a part of your attic is improperly insulated, the condensation that forms when your home’s warm interior air meets the cold surface of your roof can cause mould and mildew to form and eventually spread. Another problem can be caused by a simple scientific fact you probably remember from elementary school – when water freezes, it expands. This is a straightforward principle, but one that can cause an unprecedented number of headaches when it comes to your roof. If snow melts on the peak of your roof (which often happens, even in cold temperatures), and then falls down the side of the roof, it will often freeze on its way back down, falling into any holes and cracks that might be hiding in your roofing and expanding inside of them, causing these cracks and holes to worsen dramatically and eventually causing major structural damage. When ice gets trapped under the shingles of your roof this way, it’s called an “ice dam” – while these are often unavoidable, they will be worse if a roof is not well-maintained, or if a winter is particularly harsh, and dealing with the problem before the summertime can save you a world of stress and worry.

 At Done Right Roofing, we’re intimately familiar with all the problems winter can cause, as well as the fact that the cycle of freezing and thawing that characterizes a Calgary spring can be extremely trying for your roof. We can help you and your roof weather the springtime – having it taken care of today means you’ll be able to spend your summer relaxing, not worrying about home improvements. Contact us today, and let us take care of your roof for you.

POSTED: 03/11/14 1:38 PM
IN: Season Preparation