Avoid the Costly Mistake of Waiting Until Spring to Re-Roof

Ever thought of getting your roof done in the winter? Most people don’t. They wait until spring or summer when the weather is nicer.

If your roof isn’t in really bad shape, that’s not usually a big problem. But next spring will be a very different story.

Here’s why you should consider winter roofing if you’re thinking of getting your roof done in spring/summer 2013.

The Hail Damage Rush

The massive hailstorm in August 2012 damaged thousands of roofs. Because the storm hit late in the year, many homeowners weren’t able to get their claims looked at and their roofs redone. Others are waiting until next year to submit their claims.

Add these hail claims to the normal spring roofing rush and you could be impacted in the following ways:


Contractors will be scrambling to keep up with the enormous demand and many may have to turn down work.


Other roofing companies may hire more sub-contractors to keep up with the added work, likely affecting the quality of the job.


Even if you are lucky enough to get a contractor, you’ll likely end up paying more. It’s likely that prices will rise 10% or even more in the spring.

Avoid More Damage

Just because you can’t see a leak, it doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Often, leaks aren’t detected until they cause major damage to your home. Water could be collecting in the attic or running down the interior of your walls.

When the rainy spring season arrives and the snow melts, that leak could become a major issue. You could end up having to repair or replace a lot more than just your roof!

Winter Roofing is Common

Most people think that roofing can’t or shouldn’t be done in the winter. That’s simply not true. There may be snow on your roof but we sweep it away. When the old roofing is removed, you’re left with a bare roof deck, just as you would be in the spring or summer.

We are highly experienced in winter roofing and do it all the time with great results.

Beat the Crowd and You Could Save Thousands

Book an installation date for December, January, February or March and you will:

  • Pay no GST (about $350 in savings).

  • Get our premium upgrade package: 6 nails per shingle for added wind resistance, coloured metal flashing and neoprene goosenecks (a value of $750 – $1,000).

  • Get your roof done at current prices ($700 savings, based on a spring price increase of 10%).

  • Enjoy your spring and summer while your neighbours struggle trying to find a reputable contractor at the right price.

* The above savings are based on an average sized roof.

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