Standing Out In The Suburbs With A Brand New Roof

There are a million reasons why living in a suburb is the modern dream. Your neighbourhood is safe, clean and friendly; you’re within walking or driving distance of everything you could possibly need; and there’s a sense of community you can’t quite find anywhere else. Your kids go to school in the area, your pets can roam around local parks, and best of all, you can have a home that’s completely your own. There’s a great amount of pride and satisfaction that can come with owning a house in the suburbs – unlike in the city, where restrictive zoning codes and high prices mean you’ll almost certainly have to compromise on some of your house’s features, owning a home in the suburbs means you can have everything you ever wanted when you first considered buying a house, from back and front yards to a proper driveway and garage.

But life out in the suburbs can have its own pitfalls, too. While you may love your own house and the family you get to live with inside of it, sometimes you can step outside, look around, and start to feel a bit overwhelmed by the same-ness of it all. In most suburban neighbourhoods, the homes were all designed in a similar manner, or planned out and built by the same company, meaning that every street and home can start to look a bit like a carbon copy of its predecessor. Now, this may be fine for some – but we understand that just because you want the comfort and convenience of living in the suburbs doesn’t mean you’re quite ready to get rid of your individual identity, tastes or sense of style. There’s a good chance the inside of your house doesn’t look like everybody else’s; you’ve got your own paint colours on the walls, your own art and photographs, your own furniture and décor that reflects your own personal style. So why should the outside of your house look exactly like everyone else’s?

At Done Right Roofing, we’re firm believers in the power of individuality, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to help get the outside of your house looking just as unique as the inside. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that having us redo your roof means you can be sure your home’s structural integrity will remain safe for years to come with the new updated protection from the elements that only a high-quality roof can provide.  


We specialize in two kinds of roofing uniquely suited to the challenges and difficulties that Calgary’s often harsh climate can throw at your home. The first, ashphalt roofing, provides you with a myriad of colour and design choices to help you customize your roof in an infinite number of ways. Looking for a striking red or blue to help compliment the outside of your house? We can do that for you no problem. Want to alternate patterns, colours and textures to create a look that’s sure to stand out from the others on your block? We can do that too. Or maybe you just want a more subtle change – a design that goes well with your home’s colour and style, making your home stand out by virtue of its sophistication. Our other specialization is in rubber roofing – the qualities and method of installation are very similar to asphalt, meaning we can still focus on doing one thing very, very well, but rubber roofing has the additional benefit of being particularly resistant to weather forces like hail. You can get this type of roofing in all kinds of styles as well.

Helping you make sure your roof looks its best is our stock in trade – but our focus on making your home stand out from the rest on the block doesn’t mean we’ll ever lose sight of our other goal: making your home as safe and secure as possible. By the time we’re done with your roof, you won’t just have the renewed peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones and your most prized possessions are completely secure – you’ll have the satisfaction that comes with having a beautiful home that stands out from the crowd.

POSTED: 03/24/14 3:29 PM
IN: Roof Tips