Stay Warm and Safe Through the Cold Months

Most people wonder if it is appropriate to undertake roof repairs during the winter. The truth is that these tasks need to be carried out in order to stay warm! In most cases, homeowners end up postponing roof repair to spring when it is a bit warmer. For most of them, their biggest concern is about the quality of work that will be carried out on the roof during winter, as well as the safety of the contractor. However, it is important to understand that there is no need to put off roof repair during winter as long as the homeowner hires professionals to perform the work. In fact, if you want to cut the summer cooling costs, you must reduce ice dams by carrying out necessary roof repairs especially during winter.

A professional roofing contractor from a reputable company, such as ours at Done Right Roofing, understands that repairs on any roofing system can be done during winter to prevent them from turning into major problems. For example, leaving the shingles detached from the roof during winter makes future repairs extremely difficult and more costly. The reason behind this is that the snow that piles on the roof during winter melts down later on the drywall, resulting in water damage to the house.

It is also important to remember that melting snow causes leaks, even in places where rain would not. This is because the water melting under the snow creates a meandering path that finds its way into the roof. Also, the snow that that lies closely to the roof will start melting before the one above, forming a water layer between the snow and the shingles. Therefore, if you fail to repair loose shingles during winter, expect to get a roof leak when the snow starts to melt down. Homeowners are usually advised to undertake roof repairs before a major snowfall to prevent serious roof damages. Nevertheless, our roofing contractors have carried out many successful repairs, even when there is six inches of ice on a flat roof. We have many experienced professionals and never use sub-contractors for any job.

From the deliberations above, it is clear that roof repairs cannot come to a halt because of the cold weather, but it is in fact a trade that requires necessary adjustments to cope with the varying weather conditions. Our roofing contractors at Done Right Roofing Ltd. are professionals with the necessary experience to deal with weather extremes. If you need any repairs during winter, do not postpone as this can lead to further damages. Contact us today for all your roofing repair needs.

POSTED: 01/17/14 8:23 AM
IN: Season Preparation