The Most Prevalent Roofing Problems In The Cold Months

Although roofing issues can occur at any time of the year, we know you’re more likely to see more problems during the winter months, especially if you have not taken the proper steps and maintenance that is required to prepare your roof for winter. Here are some of the top roofing problems that you may experience in the winter months.

The number one cold weather roofing issue we see are ice dams. Ice dams usually occur when the upper portion of your roof is warm enough for the accumulated snow on top of it to melt, but the eaves of your roof are cold enough to freeze water into icicles. The warmth of the top part of the roof is coming from the warmth of the air inside of your home which creates runoff, eventually freezing when it reaches the eaves of the roof. This creates a dam made of ice. The issue with ice dams is that they can be difficult to resolve. Attempting to take care of this problem on your own can easily cause damage to the roof. Removing ice dams should only be done by one of our professional roofing contractors here at Done Right Roofing.

Condensation can also be a major cold weather issue for your roof. Condensation typically occurs when warm, moist air hits a cold surface. This will usually happen when air from the inside of your home comes into contact with the cold underside of the roof deck. This is when condensation can start to accumulate on the roof and cause a buildup of moisture where areas of your roof may not be properly sealed.

When buildup of both condensation and ice dams occurs, water damage may be possible. This can cause significant issues with your roof and may even cause leaks. Indoor condensation can cause significant damage in the interior of your home, including peeling paint and rotting siding. This also promotes the growth of mold. Roof repair for this type of issue should be performed as quickly as possible in order to prevent extreme damage from occurring to both the roof and the inside of the home.

Although many homeowners may believe that there is nothing that can be done when these issues come up during the winter months, we know that roof repair in cold weather is safe and doable as long as the weather is dry and the temperature is higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s always important to have proper roof maintenance performed by one of our roofing contractors in order to avoid roofing problems in the future, particularly during winter months. Give us a call today and let us take care of your roof!

POSTED: 02/11/14 8:08 AM
IN: Season Preparation