Three Signs of a Well Established Calgary Roofing Company


Fly-By-Night Calgary Roofing Company

Fly-By-Night Calgary Roofing Company

Description:  Learn how to tell the difference from a well established calgary roofing company and the fly-by-night roofing companies that come and go.

Choosing a well established Calgary roofing company is crucial to the security of your home.  The roof keeps out water.  When it fails, water damage occurs, and repair bills can run into the thousands of dollars.  A fly-by-night roofing company doesn’t have to worry about these sorts of consequences, because they wont be around for long enough to pay up.

A few years ago we helped an elderly couple who had called one Calgary roofing company to do minor repairs on their tile roof.  This roofing company was a referral from a neighbor, so the couple didn’t do any more research.  The roofing company owner showed up and did some “repairs”.  In the process he cracked several roofing tiles.  A torrential downpour of rain ensued shortly after and the home suffered $20,000 dollars worth of damage.  As it turned out, the person that “repaired” (damaged!) their roof was just one guy running around in his truck, with one subcontracting crew that he called in to do occasional jobs.  This was a fly-by-night roofing company that disappeared and there was no recourse for the elderly couple to be compensated.

In Calgary’s boomtown economy lots of companies have a short shelf life – but roofing companies most of all.  In addition to the already transient nature of the boomtown labour market i.e. labour transitioning in and out of the oil fields, Calgary’s weather attracts storm chasers.   You may have noticed that every few years Calgary has a massive hail storm that breaks insurance company records for dollars of damage incurred.  Well, when one of these storms happens, small roofing companies from all over the country flood into Calgary to do the work.  After the hail work is done, inevitably several of these roofing companies stay and try to capitalize on the Calgary roofing market.  With the hail boom over, these roofing companies are left to sink or swim on their good business practices.  Year after year they fall of the map, and their workmanship warranties, and their promises go with them.

Here are a few signs of a well established calgary roofing company to help you, the homeowner, make a better choice:

  1. A Well Established Calgary Roofing Company has been in business in CALGARY for at least 10 years and has referrals that date back at least 5 years.  A roofing company can give a 100 referrals from last summer when they started working in the city, but those roofs really have not stood the test of time.
  2. A Well Established Calgary Roofing Company is a decent sized small business with an office, several crews, several project managers, and several administrators to help you when  and if a problem occurs.  If the roofing company location and staff do not look like that of a healthy and flourishing small business, then there is probably a reason why.
  3. A Well Established Calgary Roofing Company is going to give you a roof replacement price that is competitive with other well established roofing companies.  We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a rock bottom roofing price is a very bad sign.  Well established Calgary Roofing Companies have overhead expenses and they pay for this with the cost of the roof.

If you would like to learn more about how to choose a good roofing company take a look at our Roofing Company ChecklistDone Right Roofing would be happy to assist you with any additional questions you may have.

POSTED: 11/14/13 3:17 PM
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