Unicrete Roof Tile Goes Out of Business

Although the regular media seems to be remarkably silent about it, one of Calgary’s major roofing manufacturers went under in late 2014, and with it went millions of dollars worth of manufacturer warranties issued to homeowners! Unicrete was a premium product in the category of metal, shake, and rubber roofing. This poses an interesting problem for homeowners who have to repair the product and an even bigger problem for people wanting to make manufacturer warranty claims.

If you do need to replace your Unicrete roof, consider looking at Calgary’s other premium roofing product manufacture—Eurosheild Rubber Roofing. This premium product is a Done Right Roofing favourite for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s ecofriendly, made from 100% recycled tires. We think that’s amazing!
  2. It offers the only NON-PRORATED warranty on the market, meaning that if your roof fails in year 49 of the 50-year warranty, the entire roof is replaced at 100% value, not at a one-year prorated value.
  3. It installs quickly and simply, like asphalt, but is totally hail proof.

No doubt Eurosheild will continue to grow in the Calgary market and it may be an alternative for all of those homeowners with troubled Unicrete roofs. Of course, shake is still on the market, but since the major shake disaster in Calgary 20 years ago, most homeowners avoid reinstalling this product. This leaves metal roofing. No one can dispute the tried and true quality of standing seam metal—if you have the budget and like the look. However, for people who don’t fall into that category and who will be replacing their Unicrete roof soon, the Malarkey Legacy is a beautiful hail-resistant asphalt shingle, and the Eurosheild Roofing product is lovely, and totally hail proof.

With Unicrete out of business, repairing your Unicrete roof is no longer possible. But there are other great products on the market, some of which offer great benefits. Give us a call if you’d like to see what’s available.

POSTED: 02/27/15 1:49 PM
IN: Roofing News