Unnamed Calgary Roofing Company Rips Off Wrong Roof

On May 27th CTV Calgary featured a story about an very unusual occurrence in which an unnamed Calgary roofing company began ripping the roof off of the wrong home.  When the issue of repairs came up a heated debated ensued in blog posts under the article debating whether or not the roofing company should have the right to repair their mistake.  This is a fair question to ask.  Mistakes do happen and if a mistake happens it seems fair that a responsible and well established Calgary roofing company should have the opportunity to make it right.  Here we will evaluate from a roofing companies perspective what would be the fair course of action.

The article explains:

“A Calgary senior is left wondering who will pay for repairs after a local company showed up and started ripping shingles off the roof of her garage.

Linda Cox could not believe her eyes when she found a roofing company peeling the shingles off the roof of her garage….‘I was upset that I’ve got a man tearing my brand new roof apart,’ said Cox.

Cox confronted the worker and he pulled out his phone to call his boss.

‘He was quite confused and he said I phoned my boss and asked that there was nobody home should I start? And I said did you not think that this is a brand new roof? Did you not think that maybe you had the wrong address? And he said well I phoned my boss and he told me to rip it off anyway’ said Cox.”

At this point in the article a red flag is already raised.  Is this in fact a responsible roofing company?  Firstly, they had the wrong address, which is not totally unheard of, but secondly, the Foreman did the right thing and called his boss as to why they are re-roofing a new roof, and what does his boss do.  The boss basically ignores him and tells the roofer to continue tearing off the roof.   One would hope that the new roof would have been a red flag to the roofing company owner that would warrant investigation.  To continue the work without looking into the issue is not very responsible.

The article goes onto state:

“Cox talked to the boss on the worker’s phone and says he started to curse at her and hung up on her.

‘He told the boy not to give me any information, absolutely no information so I phoned 911,’ said Cox…. The roofing company said it was an honest mistake but wouldn’t give Cox the name of the business, fearing their reputation would suffer.”

Basically, the roofing company owner cusses the senior out and then refuses to give her their name or contact information.  We can safely say that no respectable Calgary roofing company would have that kind of customer service.  Any well-established Calgary roofing company climbed to this rank by having good customer service and 100% accountability.

When the question of whether or not the homeowner should let this same roofing company repair the mistaken tear-off or call another respectable Calgary roofing company to do the repair and have the first company pay for it, our conclusion is:  The roofing company that did the damage really has not shown a high enough level of business ethics to allow them to repair the damage they did in the first place.

You can read the full text of this story at the CTV website.  If you would like to learn more about choosing a trusted Calgary roofing company visit our website or contact Done Right Roofing at (403) 651-0214.

POSTED: 11/19/13 8:38 PM
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