When It Comes To Roofing, Make Sure You Hire Someone You Trust

We deal with roofs for a living, but that doesn’t mean we don’t understand how daunting the prospect of repairing one can be. There’s a weird paradox when it comes to rooftops – everyone understands how important it is for their roof to be in the best possible shape it can be, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, but at the same time, those same people often delay their roof repairs for so long that by the time they do get around to it, the problems on their roof have multiplied or become so exacerbated that they end up having to pay much more money for so many more repairs than they would have needed if they had just dealt with the problem sooner.

Since roofs are our business, and our first priority is making sure yours is secure and in good condition, we obviously would prefer it if everyone made good roof maintenance and vigilance about the state of their shingles a top priority. But at the same time, we know and understand why these things don’t always happen as regularly as they should. You’re busy living your life – you have work, a family, friends, hobbies, and a life. There are plenty of other things to attend to around the house, and often these problems can seem more pressing if they’re right in front of you, in your eyeline. The roof of your home is something you usually only think about in passing, when you’re entering or leaving the building, and problems don’t usually make themselves apparent until they’re super urgent – a leak or a collapse, for instance. All of this makes sense to us – we’re homeowners too!

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The problem is, other contractors understand it too, which can sometimes lead to dishonest practices. Sometimes, less-than-scrupulous professionals will see that you may not be completely up-to-date on your roof’s condition and use that knowledge to take advantage of you, overcharging for routine repairs or doing shoddy work on your roof. This can be frustrating at best and devastating at worst, which is why it’s crucially important for you to know some basic terms about your roof, its parts, and what can happen if they’re not installed properly. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your roof the more you can ensure that it stays in good health for years to come.

The part of your roof that you’re probably most familiar with is the shingles. This is, of course, a crucial component of its structure, and needs to be properly taken care of. Even the best shingles deteriorate over time, and if you aren’t vigilant about the need for repair they can deteriorate or even rot away. Being attentive to the state of your shingles, and recognizing the signs of particular seasonal damage (like the way water can freeze under the shingles and create cracks), can prevent a lot of problems.

Every roof has another component that’s just as important as its shingles: its flashing. This is also sometimes known as “weatherproofing,” since the flashing is often what protects exposed parts of your roof from weather-related damage. Some homeowners ignore the need to maintain their flashing, which can lead to disastrous consequences – it’s crucially important to make sure that your roof has its weatherproofing properly installed, and well looked-after.

 Knowing a few basic things about your roof can be an immense help when you’re trying to figure out if there’s something wrong, or even if you’re simply checking up on the state of things to pre-empt future damage. However, all that said, the best way to keep your roof safe is still to have contractors on call whose work you know you can trust. At Done Right Roofing, we care about you and your home; you can trust us to do the best possible work to keep you and your loved ones safe, secure, and sheltered from the elements. Contact us today and let us help get to work on making your home the best it can be.

POSTED: 03/14/14 1:39 PM
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