Why Winter Is The Perfect Time For Roof Repairs in Calgary

For many homeowners, fixing a roof in need of repair is the last thing on their minds in the icy winter months. However, contrary to popular belief, winter is one of the best times of year to complete looming roof repairs. Although it may seem impossible for a roofing contractor to complete the necessary tasks amidst adverse weather conditions; there is no need for this concern as our team of workers is fully qualified for any cold weather job.

If there is a problem with your roof, it is crucial to get it fixed immediately before conditions are given an opportunity to worsen. This is especially true in wintertime when the constant freezing and thawing of roofing materials make damaged areas especially susceptible to rapidly increasing problems. These problems could prove to be even more ever costly as many damages can disperse destruction and often harm other parts of the structure in question.

A common concern for wintertime clients of roofing contractors is that the conditions surely must be too dangerous for the contractor to perform in. After all, in some areas, roofs are covered in snow and ice for several months out of the year, while temperatures often stay below zero for days at a time. Clients can be assured that even in such desolate weather conditions, our specialized team of roofers are always prepared to take on the job and have the experience and expertise to handle cold-weather situations with ease.

While the wintertime is generally a fine choice for roof repairs, clients should note that there are some limitations to the type of roof repairs that can be completed in extremely cold weather. Certain materials that are required to make particular types of repairs require direct sunlight and heat to function properly. Our team can advise you properly about any roofing condition and its availability to be serviced in the winter. Even if you think your particular problem is unfixable in current conditions, you’d be surprised at the advanced products that are used in the business.

Because roofing contractors are generally less busy in the winter months, it is possible for your roofing needs to be completed much more quickly than if you wait for warmer weather. We are usually less booked and can put your project at the top of our to-do lists. While some may initially be wary of wintertime repairs on rooftops, you can be sure that our team here at Done Right Roofing can reverse wintertime worries. We are qualified and eager to take on and alleviate wintertime woes pertaining to your roofing needs.


POSTED: 01/31/14 11:28 AM
IN: Season Preparation