Winter Roofing FAQs

Can I re-roof my home in the winter time?

Yes! In fact when your home was first built the roof was likely put on in the winter time. Builders frequently do their roofing in the wintertime to cash in on seasonal savings.

What if there is snow on the roof?

The snow is swept off and the old roofing material is removed. At this point, you have the same roofing surface to work with as you would in the summer time – dry plywood.

Will my home be exposed to bad weather?

Absolutely not! We only tear off as much of the roof as can be replaced in one day, so that your home is always water proof.

Will it be warm enough for my shingles to seal in the wintertime?

Yes. The roof surface is constantly exposed to the sun and can be up to 25 degrees warmer the air temperature. The shingles only require a couple of sunny days to seal. Your 10-year DRR installation warranty AND the manufacturers’ product warranty are honoured no matter what time of year the roof is installed.

How much will I save by roofing in the winter time?

You will pay no GST and receive our premium upgrade package: 6 nails per shingle, coloured metal and neoprene goosenecks. To qualify, you will need to pre-book an installation for January, February or March and provide a $150 deposit to secure the installation date and your savings.

Limited Installation Dates Available

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